10 Instagram Accounts to Follow If You Love Goats

goat instagram accounts

Photo by Blue Heron Farm.

What if it could be #GoatWeek all year round? It could! We've rounded up a list of our favorite goat farms (and, err... goat fan accounts?) on Instagram. Get ready to hit that "follow" button!

Blue Heron Farm

Blue Heron Farm is a small-scale 10-acre goat dairy in Field Store, Texas, owned and operated by Christian and Lisa Seger. They’re a must-follow if you love farm animals—in addition to their herd of Nubian goats, they also have dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, pigs, and a donkey.

🍍 is enjoying her retirement. #goatsmile

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Big Picture Farm

Started in 2010 by Louisa Conrad and Lucas Farrell, Big Picture Farm is a small hillside goat dairy and farmstead confectionery and creamery located in southern Vermont. Louisa and Lucas did an Instagram takeover for us last spring, and their photo of a goat being born (scroll down to see it) ended up one of our top nine posts of 2016! [Editor’s note: Read the story of Big Picture Farm in our summer 2017 issue and online here.]

little baby goat nibbles on a rainy morning is my kind of medicine.

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Birth on the farm is a magical thing. We are forever grateful for the labors of our lady goats. @bigpicturefarm

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Little Seed Farm

Located just outside Nashville, TN, Little Seed Farm is a sustainable farm (they’re 100% solar powered) that makes natural and organic goat’s milk soaps and skincare.

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Kirsten Lie-Nielsen of Hostile Valley Farm

Kirsten is a writer and farmer who grew up on a farm in Midcoast Maine. Her small hobby “homestead” includes geese, goats, chickens, bees, ducks, and extensive vegetable and herb gardens. We can’t get over how cute her baby goats are right now.

Whitaker the great explorer ventures onto the human jungle gym. #hostilevalleyliving #goatsatplay #babygoat

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What a big world! #homestead #babygoat #goatkidsarethebestkids

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Goats of Anarchy

Goats of Anarchy is a special needs baby goat rescue in New Jersey. With a whopping 488k followers, it’s no surprise that they were voted the People’s Voice Winner of the Animal Social Media category in the 2016 and 2017 Webby Awards (an award for excellence on the Internet). Some of their photos might make your heart hurt, but overall, it’s inspiring to see people give so much love and care to injured and special needs goats.


Goats Gone Grazing Acres

This account has no bio, but according to a recent Buzzfeed piece, the farm is run by Jessi and Josh Pottebaum in western Kentucky. You can expect many photos and videos of extremely happy-looking baby goats.

Dirty White Boy. #goatsgonegrazingacres #goatsofinstagram #goats #goat #babygoat

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Could I be any cuter? -Winchester #babygoat #goat #goats #goatsofinstagram #goatsgonegrazingacres

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Goat Lovers Anonymous

There isn’t much info about this account either, but there are endless photos of cute goats (with the occasional farm dog appearance), so we don’t mind.

Anyone want to play hide & go seek with this cutie! Tag the friends you would play hide & seek with!! 🙈🐵🐐 #goatloversanonymous

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What's better than one baby goat?? TWO BABY GOATS! So adorable! 🐐🐐😍❤️#goatloversanonymous

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From @firsttimefarmers 🐐🐶 #goatloversanonymous

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First Time Farmers

Rachel and Scott left the big city to start a farm, and we’re so glad they did, because their baby goat photos are some of the best we’ve had the privilege of laying our eyes on.

So I hear you like baby goats?

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Sunshine is the best medicine … right after baby goats… and cold beer.

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Goats Are Family

Another anonymous goat Instagram with a big following. We can see why.

Cuddle bug #goatkids #goatsofinstagram #iheartgoats #animals #babygoats #goat #goatkids #goatlove #goatsarefamily #goats

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Goat Yoga

And, of course, we had to include our friends at Goat Yoga. Obviously, you will get the most out of this account if you enjoy both yoga and goats.


Did we miss one of your favorite goat-focused Instagram accounts? Let us know! And check out the rest of our #GoatWeek coverage here.

10 Instagram Accounts to Follow If You Love Goats