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It’s Time We Appreciate The Alpaca

Tired of the Internet's goat love? Consider the alpaca, a farm animal for the thinking man.

Now, hear us out. The alpaca has long played second fiddle to more classic farm animals, like the sheep and goat. But with their long fuzzy necks and wry little faces (see above), we sincerely believe the alpaca has huge potential in this Age of Buzzfeed. Don’t take our word for it, though. Here are eight reasons why they should be the new goats, straight from the alpaca’s mouth.

They Give Good Gif

Major gifability.

They Make Great Guards

So stoic.

No, Really. Look How Stoic They Are.

Can’t ruffle these non-feathers.

But Also Playful.

A baby alpaca mosh pit is a mosh pit we can get behind.

They Like Water Baths.

Kind of.

And Dust Baths, Too.

More than water? A question for the ages.

Cuddling With Cats…

Who doesn’t?

…And Too Much Technology.

We know that feel.

Alpacas: They’re Just Like Us.

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