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Pygmy Goats Were Made to Prance

You haven't lived until you've seen a baby pygmy goat's dance.

Everyone loves a pygmy goat. Thanks to their smaller and cuter size, they’re (arguably) an improvement on the already-adorable goat. You can only imagine, then, how humanity feels about baby pygmy goats. Prancing and dancing along on their little hooves – it’s mind blowing stuff. Let’s take a few minutes to appreciate the killer cuteness of these miniature-miniature goats.

Happy Dance

At just two and three days old, these baby pygmies are already leaping happily from side to side. Maybe they’re born with it. Maybe that’s the only answer.

Happy Dance Part II

Now they’re eight days old, and good god, they’re dancing has only improved.

Interpretive Prance

This little goat named Quaver brings out a lot of emotions atop a log and bucket. Please note the inattentive mama goat munching hay to the side. Mama goat is not impressed.

Mini Stampede

Because one pygmy goat is never, never, never enough.

The Side-Hop

Can pygmy goats side-hop before they can walk? Important questions.

And a bonus classic

Charlie and Lily have been popular amongst pygmy goat aficionados for years, but they still deserve appreciation for their solid movesets.

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