Opinion: The Case for Putting Climate Labels on Meat

Last month’s Fox News-fueled brouhaha over the ban on beef that wasn’t was a reminder... (more)

Josh Voorhees
May 13, 2021
Is It Time for a Second White House Summit on Food?

Sen. Cory Booker is still a relative newbie on the Senate Agriculture Committee, but that... (more)

Josh Voorhees
May 7, 2021
The USDA’s Transplanted Research Agencies Are Staying Put

President Joe Biden has made it a priority to reverse many of the controversial moves... (more)

Josh Voorhees
April 27, 2021
As Biden Makes New Climate Pledge, Vilsack Unveils Conservation Expansion

The US Department of Agriculture’s marquee conservation program is about to get significantly bigger. The... (more)

Josh Voorhees
April 22, 2021
Cory Booker Wants Ag to Be a (Much) Bigger Part of Democrats’...

President Joe Biden’s $2-trillion infrastructure plan is, as it stands today, noticeably light on cash... (more)

Josh Voorhees
April 13, 2021
The Meat of the Matter

President Joe Biden has made agriculture an integral part of his plan to tackle climate... (more)

Josh Voorhees
April 8, 2021
Why Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Could Be a ‘Big F**king Deal’ for American...

It is, at long last, Infrastructure Week in Washington. It likely will be for months... (more)

Josh Voorhees
April 1, 2021
Democrats Say They Aren’t Done Helping Black Farmers

The Democrats behind this month’s historic debt-relief package for Black farmers have a message for... (more)

Josh Voorhees
March 26, 2021
Federal Judge Sides With Hydroponic Farmers in ‘Organic’ Fight

The legal battle over whether hydroponic farms can qualify for the certified organic label appears... (more)

Josh Voorhees
March 22, 2021