Jake Swearingen, Author at Modern Farmer
Meet the Modern Farmers: Daniel Nguyen

Daniel Nguyen moved from California to New Orleans to become a firefighter - but he... (more)

Jake Swearingen
September 25, 2014
A Q&A With World Champion Bullrider J.B. Mauney

World champion J.B. Mauney is taking the bull by the horns.

Jake Swearingen
September 11, 2014
Have a Cow, Man

Which cow is right for you?

Jake Swearingen
September 8, 2014
Farm Confessional: I Lied About Selling Non-Local Produce at a Farmers Market

Think your farmers market produce is local? Think again.

Jake Swearingen
September 3, 2014
This Man Is Using Kickstarter to Hold Tomatoes Hostage

Pay the man his money, or the tomato gets it.

Jake Swearingen
July 30, 2014
Meet the Modern Farmers: Koa Lee

Born a nomadic farmer in Laos, Koa Lee now grows flowers and vegetables on a... (more)

Jake Swearingen
July 25, 2014
The Most Famous Farm Dog: Lassie

Author Ace Collins talks with us about why the famous farm dog Lassie has resonated... (more)

Jake Swearingen
June 12, 2014
What We Know About What Dogs Know

A talk with author David Grimm about our changing views of the history of dogs,... (more)

Jake Swearingen
June 10, 2014