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Could the World Love Pesticide-Free GMOs?

But what about GMO seeds that could radically reduce the use of pesticides, and help... (more)

Gloria Dawson
August 19, 2013
Dear Daily Show: We Respectfully Disagree With Your Chicken Poop Joke

On a recent episode of The Daily Show, John Oliver skewered the “chicken poop” credit... (more)

Jesse Hirsch
August 19, 2013
Raw Milk Provider Found Guilty on Five Charges

Raw milk provider Alvin Schlangen was convicted of five food-related charges yesterday.

Jesse Hirsch
August 16, 2013
Killer Coyotes: Can Shepherds Protect Their Flocks?

Coyotes kill over 135,000 sheep a year, and are found in every state in the... (more)

Andrew Jenner
August 14, 2013
The Modern Family Farm

It might come as a surprise, but 96 percent of US crop farms are still... (more)

Gloria Dawson
August 14, 2013
Raw Milk, On Trial Again

For followers of right-to-raw milk issues, the name Alvin Schlangen will no doubt be familiar.... (more)

Jesse Hirsch
August 13, 2013
Hong Kong Imports Over 90% of Its Food. Can It Learn to...

In the course of 24 hours, the city consumes 931 tons of rice, 1,980 tons... (more)

Daniel Kong
August 8, 2013
A Hydroponic Rooftop Farm Grows in the Bronx

This hydroponic farm represents both a modern way to bring farming into urban areas and... (more)

Gloria Dawson
August 2, 2013
Getting Big Companies to Play Nice with Small Farmers

Hal Hamilton started the Sustainable Food Lab in 2004 as a way for food companies,... (more)

Gloria Dawson
July 30, 2013