Rachel DeSchepper, Author at Modern Farmer
Agronomics: Turn your Soil into Paydirt

Looking for a new way to drive more revenue to your operation? Consider renting out... (more)

Rachel DeSchepper
October 4, 2018
Meet the Modern Farmer: Beth Foose, Little Bluestem Farm

Beth Foose has been an Episcopal priest for 27 years and a flower farmer for... (more)

Rachel DeSchepper
September 20, 2018
Meet the Modern Farmer: Sarah Hoffman

This doctor-turned-farmer prioritizes animal and human welfare on her Missouri farm.

Rachel DeSchepper
July 11, 2018
Enter Our #iamamodernfarmer Contest”and You Could Win Big!

Show us how you support local agriculture - and you could win big!

Rachel DeSchepper
November 2, 2015
October 30: Spotlight

After a hard day's work planting garlic (tips up!) this week's modern farmers headed inside... (more)

Rachel DeSchepper
October 30, 2015
October 23: Spotlight

Our modern farmers checked in this week from Italy and Senegal (do not be alarmed... (more)

Rachel DeSchepper
October 23, 2015
October 16: Spotlight

This week, we repped #iamamodernfarmer pride at Field + Supply in High Falls, New York.... (more)

Rachel DeSchepper
October 16, 2015
October 9: Spotlight

This week, our #iamamodernfarmer friends were joined by a cow and an alpaca. (We heartily... (more)

Rachel DeSchepper
October 9, 2015