October 23: Spotlight - Modern Farmer

October 23: Spotlight

Our modern farmers checked in this week from Italy and Senegal (do not be alarmed by the machete), plus a few cities closer to home.

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Share a photo or a short video, which shows how YOU support local farming in your region. Did you visit a corn maze this weekend? Go apple picking? Harvest and can your summer crops? Or, did you purchase local produce at the farmers market or local grocery? That all counts!

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#iamamodernfarmer I am working on sustainable ag projects in Senegal. A photo posted by Warren Schultz (@warschultz) on

Low tunnels – preparing for the cold temps #iamamodernfarmer #TheChefsGarden A photo posted by Farmer Lee Jones (@farmerleejones) on

Have you ever noticed the color of your egg yolks?!🍳Store bought eggs generally have a pale yellow color while free range eggs usually have a darker orange colored yolk! THE COLOR IS NOTHING TO YOLK ABOUT! 😂 {See what I did there?!} Okay, the color of the yolk usually tells about the hen’s diet. The more natural and colorful the diet, the darker the yolk🍳 Hen’s raised on cornmeal, wheat, or barley (which doesn’t have much nutritional value), have more pale colored yolks. In addition, darker yolks have more Omega 3’s and vitamins but less cholesterol due to their healthier diet! Plus, farm fresh eggs taste so much better! 😋 Go out and support your local chicken farmer and get good quality eggs! 🐓 A photo posted by Karlie (@classickarlie) on