The Illustrated, Odd and True Tale of Dave's Killer Bread - Modern Farmer

The Illustrated, Odd and True Tale of Dave’s Killer Bread

From the son of an organic breadmaker to felon to breadmaker back to (alleged) felon: the story of Dave Dahl.

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Mr. Reed
4 years ago

I work in a CA state prison. I stumbled onto Dave’s Bread finding it to be the first wheat bread I liked. I was concerned about the “killer” part of the name, once I noticed it. I’m glad to hear that Mr Dahl hasn’t killed anyone and thinks it would be the of his life if he did. Good luck to him in his struggle to live his life. I’m glad I found your article with his story.

Douglas Fontenot
3 years ago

My story has many striking parallels to Dave’s. The most valuable thing I’ve learned is that we mustn’t be afraid to totally divorce the negative people and pieces of our past, in order to progress. This includes divorcing parts of ourselves that work against our best interest. Some people are willing to take a chance on one who is destitute or in serious need. I encountered that person .. That is a gift from the supernatural and once it happens, we have an enormous responsibility to make their investment pay off .. we can’t ever return to our old inferior… Read more »

4 years ago

Thank you for the story. So sorry to hear of Dave’s current situation. Will be praying for him because only God can bring peace to the torment he’s in.
Hat’s off to his family, especially Glenn.

Jack Kear
4 years ago

Good luck Dave and Glenn! I wish you the very best.

3 years ago

Fantastic bread toasted or un-toaster. There is one problem I have…I can and do just eat multiple slices as if they were a treat! In one word…yum!

Donna Wasman
3 years ago

I truly hope Dave can find some peace in his life. My heart goes out to him and his family. I am a huge fan of their bread products and wish the family all the best.

Toni tabino
3 years ago

So sorry to read about how messed up Dave is. He’s bread is really delicious and I hope he gets his act together.

3 years ago

This is a wonderfully inspiring story of overcoming addiction and mental health issues. Keeping recovery first and finding (and accepting) good support is what is going to bring Dave peace ….. not god.

4 years ago

I love Dave’s Killer Bread, especially Raisin the Roof! Extraordinary! Have the bakers thought about combining oat flour and craisins? All the Killer Bread is tasty and appealing. Good job z!

Helene Keso
4 years ago

Glory to God that Dave has been introduced to the loving God of second chances. Dave, cling the the strong tower! May our Heavenly Father’s Shalom be upon Dave, his family and their business. Numbers 6: 24-26