There has been a movement afoot in recent years to make connections between what we eat, how we live and the planet. Modern Farmer exists for people who want to be a part of that movement—it is for window-herb growers, career farmers, people who have chickens, people who want to have chickens and anyone who wants to know more about how food reaches their plate.


We recognize the escalating importance, even urgency, of global agriculture issues and want to raise awareness through excellent, independent journalism (and the occasional baby animal picture.) Modern Farmer is a media brand for the New Food Culture—we are a daily website, print quarterly, events series, and online store.

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The Team

Ann Marie Gardner

CEO and Editor-in-Chief
Before creating Modern Farmer, Ann Marie worked at Monocle magazine as a Founding Editor and as an editor at T:Travel The New York Times Magazine.

Cara Parks

Executive Editor
Cara was the deputy managing editor of Foreign Policy magazine and before that, World editor of the Huffington Post. She has been visiting farms around the world while freelancing for the past year.

Jesse Hirsch

Senior Editor
Jesse has been writing on food for years, for outlets including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and the San Francisco Chronicle. He is excited to talk about what happens before food hits the plate.