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The CitroÁ«n 2CV: The French Farmer’s Favorite Car

Created with rural users in mind, the CitroÁ«n 2CV was designed to fit four comfortably,... (more)

Andy Wright
October 25, 2013
Butterworld: One Man’s Dairy Obsession Hits the Road

Sandeep Agarwal didn't set out to become a self-made butter historian. Of course, Agarwal, who... (more)

Andy Wright
October 24, 2013
Farm Pop: “Children of the Corn” and Rural Horror

On the making of "Children of the Corn" and why rural horror works.

Andy Wright
October 17, 2013
The Rise of Rural TV

Shows like "Duck Dynasty" and "Farm Kings" helped pave the way for an entire television... (more)

Andy Wright
October 4, 2013
Farm Pop: On Farmers’ Daughters

The first installment of our new culture column, Farm Pop, looks at that lingering cliché:... (more)

Andy Wright
October 3, 2013
In Season: Corn

Each week we highlight what is seasonal, talk to those who grow it, and share... (more)

Andy Wright
October 2, 2013
Who Owns U.S. Agricultural Land?

Latest USDA report is out about foreign owners of U.S. land.

Andy Wright
September 27, 2013
Master the Maize: The Increasingly Big Business of Corn Mazes

For customers, corn mazes are a lark. For farmers, they're incredibly hard work and potentially... (more)

Andy Wright
September 25, 2013
Meet the Goat Who Wasn’t a Goat

“He was clumsy, working his way down the cliff trying to catch up with the... (more)

Andy Wright
September 19, 2013