7 Vintage Photos of Draft-Horse Farming

draft horse farming 1915

Jack, 8, drives a horse rake in Western Massachuetts. August, 1915.

Lewis Wickes Hine

Long before tractors and trucks, horses were the muscle of the farm. Some small farmers today are turning back to true horse power, but take a moment to travel back to a time when mechanized farming wasn't even an option...

A team of horses pull a sledge of logs in the Midwest (circa 1954).


National Archives and Records Administration, Central Plains Region. Courtesy of Wikimedia.

A team of horses work Scottsbluff Farmsteads, Nebraska (circa 1941).


Marion Post Walcott

A farmer waters a horse before the day’s work in Aroostook County, Maine (circa 1942).


John Collier

Jack, 8, drives a horse rake in Western Massachusetts (circa 1915). This photo was taken for a study on rural child labor.


Lewis Wickes Hines

Though some small farmers are turning back to the use of horse power today, the Amish never left it behind. A farmer works with his team, six strong (circa 1970s).


Carol Highsmith

Lastly, this team hauls the “largest load of logs ever hauled on sleighs by horses,” (at least up until the time of photograph) according to the Library of Congress (circa 1909).

horses haul many logs

L. H. Halverson

First photo courtesy of Wikimedia; all others courtesy of the Library of Congress

7 Vintage Photos of Draft-Horse Farming