Sheila Pell, Author at Modern Farmer
Closing the Loop on Poop

Around 6.5 million tons of [mostly] plastic-wrapped dog poop winds up in landfills in the... (more)

Sheila Pell
May 23, 2024
Are Next-Gen Synthetic Fibers the Future of Sustainable Textiles?

Polyester was once thought to be a wonder fiber. Both durable and efficient, with no... (more)

Sheila Pell
March 1, 2024
4-H Goat Controversy Raises Questions About Kids and Terminal Livestock Sales

One sweltering day last July, two Shasta County, Calif. sheriff’s deputies struck out on a... (more)

Sheila Pell
June 27, 2023
Here’s Something for Organic Farmers to Obliterate Weeds With: Grit

A new abrasive weeding method could help farmers weed and feed.

Sheila Pell
August 11, 2016
7 Cities with Awesome Independent Composting Programs

Farmers, eco-minded entrepreneurs, and nonprofits have launched companies and programs that turn composting into a... (more)

Sheila Pell
October 14, 2015
9 Tools to Fight Farm Crime

The best ways to secure your farm.

Sheila Pell
January 9, 2015
Farm to Dog Dish Raw Food Co-Ops

A look into the spread of these dog food buyer's clubs.

Sheila Pell
October 22, 2014