Monica Kim, Author at Modern Farmer
Are You Cool Enough to Drink Switchel?

A colonial farm drink is fast becoming Brooklyn's hottest beverage.

Monica Kim
October 23, 2014
A Bacon-Powered Motorcycle Is Cruising Your Way

Everyone's favorite cured meat has found new life as an eco-friendly, Hormel-sponsored biofuel.

Monica Kim
August 12, 2014
Sorry, Sushi Nail Art Is Not “A Thing” In Japan

Reported as the latest Japanese beauty craze, the sushi nail trend can actually be traced... (more)

Monica Kim
August 8, 2014
‘Royals’ Cow-Herding Video: A New Take On An Old Trend

For years, modern-day Pied Pipers have been enticing cows with jazz, blues, accordions, and more.

Monica Kim
August 7, 2014
Goodbye, Kale: Here Are Your Next-Gen Food Baby Names

Kale may be a somewhat popular baby's name, but its popularity is on the wane.... (more)

Monica Kim
July 30, 2014
Investors Have Latched Onto the Farm-Focused Wisdom of House Tyrell

How real-world investors are following the same strategy as royalty in Game of Thrones.

Monica Kim
July 29, 2014
‘Modern Farmer,’ a Korean Drama, Is Coming Your Way

The next big show from South Korea will have farming rock stars.

Monica Kim
July 17, 2014
Can You Eat Fainting Goats?

Should the Tennessee fainting goat be bred for meat or for meme?

Monica Kim
July 10, 2014
Important Questions About That Potato Salad Kickstarter

How does one make enough potato salad for thousands of people around the world ”“... (more)

Monica Kim
July 8, 2014