Monica Kim, Author at Modern Farmer
It’s Time We Appreciate The Alpaca

Tired of the Internet's goat love? Consider the alpaca, a farm animal for the thinking... (more)

Monica Kim
August 28, 2014
Think Twice About Sharing That Six-Legged Animal

Before you share that picture of that six-legged piglet, think about what caused all those... (more)

Monica Kim
August 26, 2014
‘Royals’ Cow-Herding Video: A New Take On An Old Trend

For years, modern-day Pied Pipers have been enticing cows with jazz, blues, accordions, and more.

Monica Kim
August 7, 2014
Mass Sheep Death At Sea: ‘Not’ A Government Cover-up

The Australian government denies covering up a livestock exporter's fatal errors.

Monica Kim
August 5, 2014
This Is The Summer Of Sunburned Fruit

With the hottest June on record, it turns out fruit need protection from the sun... (more)

Monica Kim
July 31, 2014
Are Sheep Better Lawn Mowers Than Goats?

Solar farms in Texas are turning to a fluffier, friendlier lawn care specialist.

Monica Kim
July 25, 2014
Can You Eat Fainting Goats?

Should the Tennessee fainting goat be bred for meat or for meme?

Monica Kim
July 10, 2014
Everything You Need To Know About Khat

A green leaf that's also a mild stimulant, khat is quietly and quickly becoming popular... (more)

Monica Kim
July 8, 2014
Herders Stay Online With Donkey Power

In Turkey, farm tech goes to the donkeys.

Monica Kim
July 8, 2014