Monica Kim, Author at Modern Farmer
Salad Inc.

Japan now hosts the world's largest indoor farm, producing up to 10,000 head of lettuce... (more)

Monica Kim
December 17, 2014
Are You Cool Enough to Drink Switchel?

A colonial farm drink is fast becoming Brooklyn's hottest beverage.

Monica Kim
October 23, 2014
5 Ripple Effects From Russia’s Food Ban

From monastic life in Russia to cheese parties in Finland, the results from Putin's sanctions... (more)

Monica Kim
August 22, 2014
Big Kale Backtracks: No Shortage In Sight

Initial reports from Bejo Seeds have been overturned, so your kale chips are safe -... (more)

Monica Kim
August 15, 2014
4 Delicious Foods Banned Because of Capitalism

From Choco Pies to McDonald's, capitalism tastes sinfully good -- good enough to be banned.

Monica Kim
August 14, 2014
A Bacon-Powered Motorcycle Is Cruising Your Way

Everyone's favorite cured meat has found new life as an eco-friendly, Hormel-sponsored biofuel.

Monica Kim
August 12, 2014
There Is A Color-Changing Ice Cream, Now

A Spanish researcher has invented a color-changing ice cream to satisfy all your Willy Wonka... (more)

Monica Kim
August 4, 2014
This Is The Summer Of Sunburned Fruit

With the hottest June on record, it turns out fruit need protection from the sun... (more)

Monica Kim
July 31, 2014
Ration Your Green Juice: The Great Kale Shortage Is Upon Us

With the world's kale seed supply running dangerously low, how will we ever finish our... (more)

Monica Kim
July 23, 2014