Kate Farrar, Author at Modern Farmer
Black Pepper: Close-up

Black, white or green - they are all peppercorns.

Kate Farrar
January 26, 2015
Lift Like a Farmer

Forget the gym, this summer hit the farm if you're looking to bulk up.

Kate Farrar
April 30, 2014
Tire Tips: Bigger Is Better

Michelin's massive new tractor tire makes more than just a statement.

Kate Farrar
April 21, 2014
Think Inside The Box with the Microhome

Microhomes could be the next big thing.

Kate Farrar
April 18, 2014
Broccoli’s Fiery Cousin: Wasabia Japonica

That little green blob of paste on your sushi platter? That's probably not real wasabi.

Kate Farrar
April 14, 2014
This Fridge Is Magic

This fridge maker's new light system, called NutriLight, is designed to add energy and nutrient... (more)

Kate Farrar
April 2, 2014
Caleb Charland: Back to Light

Caleb Charland has a unique way of lighting up produce for his photoshoots: use the... (more)

Kate Farrar
March 17, 2014
Marketing Farms: A Q&A with Andrew Plotsky

Farmrun uses video, illustration and photography to help build the branding of small farms and... (more)

Kate Farrar
February 12, 2014
15 Vintage Farmers Market Shots

Just a friendly reminder from the Modern Farmer to attend your local farmers market tomorrow!... (more)

Kate Farrar
February 7, 2014