Audra Mulkern, Author at Modern Farmer
Meet the Modern Farmer: Rand Rasheed

She comes by her green thumb naturally - her dad grew wheat and legumes in... (more)

Audra Mulkern
March 31, 2016
Picturing Women Farmers: The Euro Edition

European women share the joy of cultivating good food for their communities.

Audra Mulkern
November 4, 2014
Photos: Fighting to Save the Icelandic Goat

Iceland's HÁ¡afell Goat Farm is dedicated to saving the endangered breed of Icelandic Goats. And... (more)

Audra Mulkern
August 6, 2014
Picturing Women Farmers

One photographer's quest to capture the female side of of farming.

Audra Mulkern
May 31, 2014