Ann Marie Gardner, Author at Modern Farmer
The New Food Frontier Comes to Boston

A trio of innovators lead the charge of a culinary revolution with whiffs of food... (more)

Ann Marie Gardner
June 17, 2014
Rurbanista: The Portable House

A house delivered by semi that you will want to live in.

Ann Marie Gardner
April 10, 2014
How To Make Raised Beds

Get ready for the growing season with a quick how-to on making raised beds.

Ann Marie Gardner
March 19, 2014
Meet the Modern Farmer: Carlos Couturier

Carols Couturier New York City and Veracruz, Mexico Latin American hotelier and design icon Carlos... (more)

Ann Marie Gardner
January 17, 2014
Magazine Eats World: The Ever-Expanding Edible Empire

If you have lived or traveled in the United States or Canada in the last... (more)

Ann Marie Gardner
December 19, 2013
Rurbanista: Shearers Quarters

If your life's aspirations have never included sheepshearing, that may be about to change.

Ann Marie Gardner
May 3, 2013
How To Turn Your Backyard into a Four-Season Farm

Turning your garden into a four-season farm is easier than you think.

Ann Marie Gardner
April 3, 2013