Recreational marijuana use became legal across Canada last October, sparking a wave of new cannabis-based businesses. The hospitality industry took note, and now you can tour a giant weed factory or get high while helicoptering over coastal mountains in British Columbia.

1. Butiq Escapes, British Columbia

This luxury travel company will take you and your friends to a remote mountain wilderness via helicopter for a once-in-a-lifetime glamping experience. They’ll fly in a chef, DJ or yoga instructor—whatever you want—and supply a curated assortment of the best marijuana strains and cannabis-infused goodies from across Canada. Expect to drop at least 10 grand.

2. Canopy Growth Factory Tour, Smiths Falls, Ontario

Canopy Growth, the world’s biggest pot company, is headquartered in this small town, outside of Ottawa, in what was once a giant Hershey’s chocolate factory. According to its promotional materials, you can “enjoy a self-guided tour to see real grow rooms, learn about the fascinating history of cannabis and discover everything there is to know about our favorite little plant.” Sounds like a Willy Wonka–ish experience with weed instead of chocolate. Free.

3. Canadian Kush Tours, Toronto, Ontario

This is a one-stop marijuana tourism shop. Choose from joint-rolling classes ($25) to a stoned spa treatment ($250) to a six-hour vapor lounge tour by limo for you and five friends ($950). For business travellers, corporate event planning is also available: Consider a cannabis bar and edibles catering in a Moroccan-themed tent ($3,000) or hire Herbert “The Herb” Kushman, a guy dressed in a wacky pot leaf outfit (like some sort of parallel-universe sports mascot), to work the party ($133 an hour).

4. The Green Chef Marijuana Dinner Party, Toronto, Ontario

Serving marijuana edibles in restaurants remains in a legal grey zone, but until that gets sorted out, visitors to the Toronto area can hire this company to put on a cannabis-infused dinner party at their rental cottage. These guys will whip up everything from high Thai curry soup to standard pot brownies. They even have a technique to make marijuana cotton candy for parties.

5. Bud and Breakfast, across Canada

This website currently lists 24 stoner-friendly lodging options, from the Yukon to Newfoundland. Rates range from $45 a night for a room with a hemp bed in Hamilton, Ontario, to $1,150 a night for a six-bedroom heritage home in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley, complete with a hot tub and basement arcade.