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So, You Want to Be a Hemp Farmer?

Hemp is often touted as a super-crop with myriad uses. So what does it take to grow it? Here's an overview.

Hemp is now legal to grow in 36 states!
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On a recent road trip through eastern North Carolina, a land of giant soybean fields and industrial hog farms, I passed the time by reading the nearly constant stream of billboards along the highway. “God Bless the Farmer, He Blesses You Three Times a Day,” read one, as I whizzed down I-40 toward Wilmington. “Repent and Believe in Jesus and You Will Be Saved,” encouraged another.

Amid the religious exhortations and pork-themed advertising – one billboard with a giant image of grilled sausages declared pork “The Heart and Soul of Our Communities” – was a marketing message I never expected to see: a giant billboard that said, simply, “Hemp Farmers Wanted.” Driving by at 70 miles-per-hour, I did a quick double take to make sure I’d read that right.

Hemp, which refers to strains of Cannabis that lack enough THC to get you high, but have a long history of use in products ranging from food and cosmetics to textiles and building materials, is one of the oldest cultivated crops on Earth, and featured prominently on colonial era farms in the U.S. But it was effectively banned from commercial cultivation by the federal government in 1957 amid a period of anti-marijuana hysteria.

North Carolina is one of a handful of states where hemp cultivation has recently resumed. There is a steady demand for hemp as a raw material for industrial uses (making things with hemp was never outlawed, but manufacturers have been required to import it from places like Canada and Europe for the last seven decades). As the American hemp industry grows, manufacturers are hoping to get their hemp locally – hence the signs encouraging North Carolina farmers to plant it.

Is It Legal to Grow Hemp?

In the nineties, as the marijuana legalization movement gained traction, a number of states began to introduce legislation to allow hemp cultivation to begin anew, contradicting the federal ban. A variety of legal and practical roadblocks prevented farmers from actually planting hemp on any meaningful scale until recently, however.

Now, 36 states have legalized hemp cultivation to varying degrees (some for research purposes only). The first commercial planting happened in 2013, when Colorado farmer Ryan Loflin harvested a 55-acre crop, the first in the nation since 1957.

The 2014 Farm Bill included a provision that allowed states to initiate research programs on hemp cultivation. Though the federal ban on commercial cultivation remained intact, this the new policy was taken as a sign that federal rules would eventually be loosened further, sparking a new wave of activity at the state level to legalize hemp and promote it as a viable crop. Since then, hemp has been planted in 19 states.

In raw numbers, hemp is still a very minor crop, but it is rapidly expanding: in 2016, less than 10,000 acres were grown nationwide; in 2017, nearly 26,000 acres – more than double the prior year – were produced by about 1,500 farmers.

Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has introduced an amendment to the 2018 Farm Bill that would lift the federal ban on hemp cultivation, which has fairly broad bipartisan support. If it passes, the American hemp industry will likely balloon in short order, creating a massive demand for farmers to plant the crop.

If you’re interested in growing hemp, step one is to make sure it’s legal in your area. The National Conference of State Legislatures maintains a comprehensive, up-to-date list of state-level hemp statutes.

Why Grow Hemp?

Hemp grows more vigorously than corn, but requires less water, pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizer, earning it a reputation as a sustainable crop. The plant has over 25,000 known uses and is potentially an eco-friendly alternative for other crops commonly produced on an industrial scale.

The voluminous quantities of biomass hemp produces are a potential raw material for livestock feed, biofuel production, paper and textiles. The seeds, and the oil produced from them, have many uses, both culinary and industrial. It’s even possible to make alternative building materials with the stalks, such as hempcrete, which sequesters more carbon from the atmosphere than the carbon emissions required to produce it.

One of the most lucrative industries that hemp farmers are tapping into is the production of CBD oil, a medicinal compound in cannabis plants that contains no THC and is thus legal to consume in all 50 states.

What Are the Ideal Growing Conditions for Hemp?

Hemp is an annual plant that grows well in most parts of the country, other than in extreme desert conditions and high mountain areas.

It thrives in warm weather and grows best in well-drained soils that are high in organic matter. Hemp seeds are generally sown in directly where the plants are to grow, rather than in pots for transplanting. They should be planted after the average date of last frost has passed. Established hemp plants are fairly drought tolerant, but the seedlings require irrigation for the first six weeks whenever the soil is dry.

What Are the Biggest Obstacles When Growing Hemp?

Hemp is often attributed with miraculous potential for sequestering carbon, reducing agricultural pollution, and allowing farmers to make large profits on marginal land. But the reality is not so simple. Here are some things to keep in mind before deciding if hemp is the right crop for you.

You need a lot of land: This is a crop suited for industrial applications, not farmer’s market sales. As with most grains, it’s tough to be profitable growing hemp without planting at least 50 acres or so.

The “red-tape quotient” is high: Because of its legal limbo, hemp growers need special licenses from their state, which means fees and paperwork. Growers may also be subject to a criminal background check. In states where it is legal, farmers must have their hemp plants tested to ensure they are below a certain threshold of THC content. If your plants are found to have too much THC, they may be destroyed.

Suitable seed can be hard to find: Hemp growers are generally required to plant seed that has been certified for low THC content, but the seed industry lags behind the demand and there are potential complications with the feds when shipping cannabis seeds across state lines.

Most commercially available farm equipment will do double duty for hemp cultivation, though custom modifications are often needed to prevent the bush plants from clogging machinery. The special machinery needed to process hemp stalks for fiber is not readily available throughout the U.S., though it is increasingly found in the larger hemp-producing states, like Colorado. To avoid making costly new equipment purchases, growers may be able to contract with companies who accept the raw plant material and do processing at a regional level.

Is Hemp Well-Suited to Organic Cultivation?

Hemp is an ideal plant for organic farmers because it requires minimal inputs, is fairly resistant to pests and diseases, and grow so fast and tall that it outcompetes weeds, minimizing the need for hand cultivation – a major labor cost for most other organic crops.

The USDA does not allow marijuana to be certified organic in the states where it is legally grown, but the agency has made an exemption for hemp. The market for certified organic hemp seeds, a popular health food, is especially strong.

Is It Growing Hemp Profitable?

This remains to be seen, as the hemp market is still in its tenuous early stages. A recent Cornell University analysis found that profits ranged from roughly $130 to $730 per acre – comparable to most grain crops on the lower end and approaching high-value vegetable crops on the upper end.

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  1. Robert Mertz says:

    I am interested in obtaining a list of hemp farmers throughout the U.S.

    • Linda Niebur says:

      We have about 3800 acres irrigated in Colorado. We would be interested in growing/partners.

      Please contact us.

      • Daniel John says:

        Hey Linda, we are a hemp-CBD processing lab.

        We are always interested in partnering up.

        Our farmers are typically compensated about $3k /acre of industrial hemp.

        I’ll leave my email incase your interested.
        [email protected]

        • Todd Box says:

          About 900 acres here in Texas. Sure like to try another crop

        • Scott Nelson says:

          I have a 120 tilable partial in SE Michigan.

        • Jonathan Leshoure says:

          I am also getting things under wraps to begin farming hemp starting out from 5acres to 15-20 acres by the end of next year and steady gaining more yields over more acres year after year and would be needing a partner for selling my hemp harvest

        • tom says:

          is that 3k /acre after dried

        • Thomas Bridges says:

          I’ve got 100- 300 acres in central Missouri that I would love to plant in Industrial Hemp.

        • Tracy Kitten says:

          We have land in Texas about 100 acres and the possibility of gaining additional land. We would love to hear more about starting a profitable partnership. We are serious about getting into this industry.

        • Jayson Shoopman says:

          Please email me at your nearest convenience. We have a hemp farm and are looking for future extraction companies to process our goods.
          [email protected]

        • Honorio Soto Jr says:

          I dont own any land, have any equipment, i dont own a cbd processing plant, i dont have a brand, but I desperately want to be in the industry and require a mentor.

        • Mark Conard says:

          Hello my name is Mark I live in western NC and really interested in the manufacturing of hemp and need to ask questions about the whole process.I don’t wanna leave my phone number so if needed I will by email.THANKS,and looking forward to hearing from you

        • Roger Freeman says:

          I was wondering where you are located as we are located 40 miles east of Denver and have a irrigated hay farm that we need to start rotating crop out. You can contact me at 3039096563.

      • sscoots says:

        Hi Linda, we are in Colorado and looking for something like this. what is your contact info?

        • CARY SCHLOSSER says:

          My name is Cary Schlosser, I’m a land broker/farmer in Eastern Colorado, with approximately 3000 acres of irrigated land for sale/rent and I have available potential commercial sites for processing. If you are interested and would like to discuss, feel free to contact me at 719-349-0478.

          Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.


      • Nathan says:

        Hi Linda!
        I would love to speak with you about growing hemp on your acreage. Feel free to contact me at:
        Satoshi Alexander at Gmail dot com

        • Zip Zibton says:

          Nathan What do you know about growing hemp? Do you have a website? Where are you located? People you just donot throw the seeds out and harvest. You have to have someone to sell it too. There are junk seeds out there. so you get junk

      • Hi Miss Linda my name is Philip mcclanahan, I work with oak city Hemp a company out of North Carolina, we try to partner with other farms so I was just sending my information over 9198155707 feel free to give me a call anytime thank you.

      • Randall Salzburger says:

        I have the resources to invest into the business, a college fraternity brother opened up a business similar to that and made quite a bit of money in it. He used a aquatic system, how would yours be different?

      • Nathan says:

        Linda, Todd, and Scott, please contact me about planting hemp on your acreage. You can reach me at SatoshiAlexander at Gmail dot com

        We can you set up for 2019 growing season!

      • Hi Linda! My name is Nicole. I’ve been looking into finding growing partners to help expand my current hemp business. What is your contact information to discuss partnership in further details?

        • Greg Kyler says:

          I am looking to start Hemp farming in DeKalb IL and have several farms with buildings and around 2000 acres. Please reach out if your interested in working together. 815-970-0033. Greg Kyler

      • Josh Jacks says:

        I’m interested in learning more about and investing in hemp production.

      • Adam Rogers says:


        I am interested in growing hemp in colorado.

      • Ruben Ramirez-Noriega says:

        Hey there Linda I would be interested in partnering up with you as well. If you still have any availability please contact me. [email protected]

      • Hi Linda,

        My name is Bryan, and I’m a Director at SOL Farms. We’re a nationwide non-profit cooperative which has been helping farmers break into SOL (hemp) farming at all touch points from genetics to point-of-sale. Would love to discuss opportunities to work together moving forward. Feel free to reach out, looking forward to hearing from you.

        Bryan Nardone

        • Dave says:

          Hi Bryan My name is Dave I am interested growing hemp this year and would like to get any info you have on where I can get good genetic seeds. Thanks Dave.

        • Monty Dare says:

          I am a grower with several thousand acres in western Kansas and would be willing to branch out if it works.

        • Nicole M kilgore says:

          Hi, I was wondering if I could have your email so that I can send it to a friend who is in the process of getting his license to grow. Thank you

      • Kirsten Varley says:

        Hi Linda,
        Since August 2018 I’ve had a strong desire to join the movement and grow hemp.
        I live in England in London it’s not legal here yet with for a growing capital city I find so backwards.
        The closer city’s are not English speaking and with brexit happening its all unknown territory.
        I’m at the very beginning on my quest to grow hemp but I can offer labour in return for knowledge.
        Do you need extra help on your farm?
        Kind regards,

      • Phillip says:

        Hi Linda I am a grow for a farm in Maryland do you have a email

      • Miguel says:

        Could you contact me please.

    • Aaron kotewa says:

      Am a outdoor hemp grower in Illinois, biomass and flowers. Get ahold of me and we can chat.

      • Cliff Pfundstein says:

        I am located in illinois and am interested in growing hemp would you have any advice for me?

      • Michelle says:

        Hi Aaron- My family are farmers in Missouri interested in farming 10 acres or so of Hemp (for CBD oil) this growing season. We are trying to find another farmer who has already been through one season to ask a few questions. Would you be willing to speak with us?

      • Scott Krause says:

        Aaron, I’m a processor near Madison, Wi. I’d love to talk about how we can serve your farms needs.

        Scott f krause (one word) at gmail dot com

      • Don Marshall says:

        we have 80 acres in central il and would love to see your farm and talk. i would love to grow somethind different. it is premo land would this be proffitable.

      • Ryan Vanfleet says:

        Was looking into this where do you market your stuff at and how do they take it

      • Tim says:

        Would love to talk about your experiences with this process. My wife and i are interested in potentially growing hemp as a side buisiness etc. My name is Tim. Thanks for your time.

    • K says:

      Hi Robert,

      Please shoot me an email at [email protected]

      We farm hemp in Oklahoma spring 2019.

      Thank you,

    • Rodney says:

      Anybody in Oklahoma a buyer I’m farming 2000 acres 500 irrigated looking to get away from soybeans to unpredictable?Would start off with 200 to 300 and ramp up from there If it’s profitable. If anyone has info about Oklahoma let me know. I also have a small square ,large square and round balers for fiber and unlimited trucking potential.

    • Greg Worth says:

      I have somefarm land in southern Colorado.
      I would like more information on growing hemp for you.
      Greg Worth

    • Jacob Bullock says:

      I have 200 acres of farm ground in central Iowa I plan on planting hemp on this year, looking for buyers or interested parties.

      Contact me at [email protected]

    • HI,

      We are a wholesale nursery grower in Massachusetts looking to transition some of our fields into Hemp, but looking to join a coop or association. We only want to grow at this point.


  2. Sarkis Baliozian says:

    i am interested in receiving modern farming news

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  3. Luis Vital says:

    L would like to plant Hemp in Colombia for export, where I have a fairly good size of land, but I don’t know how to find a buyer in the US,can anyone help? After your publication of this matter about Hemp,several farmers are already investigating with local authorities the legality of the project.
    WELL DONE, once more your publications is projecting great possibilities and opportunities for farmers worldwide,

  4. Bill Kindred says:

    Your article did not mention the growing hemp is a labor intensive proposition, with the most frequent activity being weeding the crop. Thanks, Bill KY

    • Charles j Whitehill says:

      The heavily vegetated characteristic of this hemp plant is such that weeds cannot grow in it so it not only is not encumbered by weeds throughout its growing season but it also after harvest will leave the land virtually weedless

    • Raymond W Mattison says:

      Good day,
      I am interested in growing the Hemp on my farm. Do you grow hemp and or have a connection or a forum for me to get started.
      Thank you

    • We sell easy fit coulters that can help with this

  5. Matthew Vickery says:

    I have a 180 acre cotton farm in Texas. Now that the Farm bill passed, I want to switch over to Hemp. I would like to contact distributors and manufacturers of CBD to go over the many questions I have being that’s the most lucrative market.

    • Derek says:

      I have a total of 120 acres in the coastal bend of Texas. Funny, I grew up on a farm, but never thought of doing it myself. My sister makes a killing selling CBD oils and other hemp based products. Thinking of growing hemp and supplementing that with market vegetables and micro-greens.

      • Nathan says:

        Hi Derek!
        I am a hemp broker and consultant here in Texas. Would love to get together to talk about what you need to get started.
        Feel free to contact me at:
        SatoshiAlexander at Gmail dot com

    • Derek Cope says:

      I have a total of 120 acres in the coastal bend of Texas. Funny, I grew up on a farm, but never thought of doing it myself. My sister makes a killing selling CBD oils and other hemp based products. Thinking of growing hemp and supplementing that with market vegetables and micro-greens.

    • donald says:

      you can make a million in CBD hemp i hear and only on a few acres so you have it great best of luck to you hope the riches roll in for you and others in the hemp fields

    • Nathan Alexander says:

      Hi Matthew,
      I am a hemp broker/consultant here in texas. Please contact me so we can talk about what you need to grow hemp.
      You can reach me here:
      SatoshiAlexander at Gmail dot com

    • Hi Matt, would love to connect with you. I am a filmmaker making a short documentary on Hemp. I’d like to talk with you about your decision to switch from cotton to hemp. Please email me and we can set up a time to talk.


    • Jeff Palumbo says:

      Hi Matt. I’m the CTO of GRYN Public traded cannabis company. We are looking for land partners and other industry partners. Feel free to reach out.

  6. Alexa Salazar says:

    I would love to stay up to date with modern farmer!

  7. Darryl Lopez says:

    Interested in becoming a hemp farmer!

  8. Kim Wunder says:

    I want to stay up-to-date with all things farming. Thank you for doing what you do.


    I own 230 acres and I like to learn more about growing hemp In where to buy seeds in how to learn About the processes

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    • Dean says:

      We have a a 20 acre nursery with over a dozen huge heated greenhouses used in past for ornamental nursery plant cultivation to wholesale…it is not in use now…so could existing greenhouses be refurbished to grow hemp?

      • Tommy SanFilippo says:

        For sure. My friend that grows hemp here in Colorado starts all the plants indoors in greenhouses then they are transplanted with a machine similar to the way green chiles are. And as for the weed issue this machine they use lays down a weed barrier along with the drip
        Lines and plants the small plants. It’s a really cool deal.

      • Jayson Shoopman says:

        What state are you in? I am interested in speaking with you about a micropropagation nursery for hemp. We are considering expanding g our clone and seed business….
        [email protected]

      • Erik Rasmussen says:

        Absolutely. It would be a perfect transition into one of a few niche’s for hemp production. It’s tough to compete directly with mass acreage production for extraction, but greenhouses can do well if their use is approached correctly. I’ve been running commercial greenhouses for hemp production for the last couple years. We are always looking for more space and to expand our network. We specialize in providing quality genetics for CBD, grain and fiber production. Where are your greenhouses located? Feel free to reach out if you would like to further discuss what opportunities might make some sense with the infrastructure you have. [email protected]

        • austin says:

          Hello Erik

          I am looking to purchase a few greenhouses in NC. They are currently setup with a Hydroponic NFT System. I would love to learn more about growing hemp in general, both indoors and outdoors. I am also looking at several parcels of land in the western NC region. If you have time and wouldn’t mind speaking/emailing with me to explore possibilities I would greatly appreciate it.

          [email protected]

      • Tom says:

        You can certainly source a lower height cultivar of high cbd hemp in the GH setup. Most cultivars would thrive well but given the lower space and higher quality of growing conditions you might look at cbd as an option

    • Tom says:

      Hey there Arthur, you can source quality seed from most milling companies who are up to date with the new bill, in CA and CO you can find seed but I imagine current stock is going to sell fast as of today. The biggest question to ask yourself is what you want to grow towards; CBD, fiber, or grain. If you are looking to make the most from your property it is advisable to find out which of the 3 are best suited to your property

  10. Matthew Noell says:

    Add my name to your list of future hemp farmers in Texas. I have 150 acres North of Dallas in Cotton country. I as well am looking for seed. I would also like to build a processing plant for the oil and flour and fiber.

  11. Ken Jones says:

    Looking at options on this but don’t know where markets are or any details of how the process works. I have 3,000 acres to work with.

  12. Mike says:

    We can help at the International Hemp Exchange. Seeds, Biomass, Extracts, CBD etc. Hit me up at [email protected]

  13. Steve and Jody Patton says:

    I am looking to buy 80 arces of land in Goldendale, was. And I would like to start a Hemp farm up there. Please send me all the info you can . thank you.

  14. […] Now it’s up to farmers to meet this growing demand. Since hemp will now be a regular commodity crop, like corn or soybeans, farmers are also able to buy federally subsidized crop insurance and invest in advertising — neither of which they could do before the Farm Bill. Hemp will also be eligible for institutional funds, meaning farmers can grow their farms more quickly and invest in new equipment. Combine these points, and the hemp market is indeed about to experience a boom. […]

  15. Virginia B Milligan says:

    would like more information on Hemp and growing it

  16. David Resler says:

    I am looking to find out more about growing hemp in LA.

  17. Torben Jensen says:

    This was a informative article… I like some more information re : starting w/500 acre and keep adding 1000 acre or more every year up to a total 10,000 acre.
    1:how long is the growing season
    2:how much water is needed per acre.
    3:fertilizer ?
    4:I’m located in a semi tropical location.
    5:how many acres is planted in USA ?
    6:does any one have a cost breakdown per acre ?

  18. Doug Davis says:

    We are excited to be involved in this new industry, we broker Hay & Hemp in Canada. Let’s talk.

  19. greg says:

    Love more info on profitability small farm

  20. jeff says:

    own farmland in the midwestUS looking at adding this crop to areas that do not plant corn.

  21. stephen green says:

    We have about 125 (mostly pasture)acres that we would to convert to hemp production. Interested in learning more and networking.

  22. Stoney says:

    I would like more information about how to obtain the seedlings to get started on 500 acres.

  23. Harold Clevenger says:

    Interested in learning more about modern farming.

  24. John Vriese says:

    Please send me the email newsletter.

  25. Dan and Anne Theisen says:

    We have 300 acres. Currently 1/2 in wheat and 1/2 is fallow.

  26. ernesto HERNANDEZ HEMKEN says:

    gracias su pagina es super interesante, yo estoy trabajando varios campos controlando plaga malesas fertilizacion en bace de aplicaciones quanticas con radionica con buen exito gracias por toda la info que he aprendido en su paguina es exelente

  27. Russell B Lester says:

    Hello all,
    I own a consulting company in Colorado we have been in the Cannabis industry for 20+ years. We are passionate about what we do! Which is everything cannabis I/hemp. growing/indoors/outdoors/harvesting/processing/extraction and the proper utilization and profitable sales of your crops. We will teach you how to enter and thrive in the industry, and avoid costly mistakes. Please allow me to answer any questions you may have.

  28. Brian Crump says:

    I would like to know what I need to do to become a hemp farmer. I have 5acres along with some warehouses I would like to turn into an indoor production.

    • Leon says:

      Hey Brian,shoot me an e mail…ill let you know exactly what you need to become a hemp farmer. For both outdoor and indoor production.

      [email protected]

      • Jeff Norman says:

        Hi Leon, my name is Jeff Norman in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. I have a 60 Acre Farm and am trying to diversify our vegetable growing a bit. Hemp sounds interesting to me since Maryland is new on the market. I’d like to hear more about what growing hemp would entail. Contact me at [email protected]. Thank you-Jeff

  29. Beth Beeson says:

    I look forward to learning more about this industry.

  30. PETE S BOERST says:

    Keep me up to date, thanks

  31. Victoria McIntire says:

    How many tillable acres would be necessary to grow a profitable certified organic hemp crop?

  32. Hilda Reyes says:

    I would like to learn more about growing Hemp in New England.

  33. MARK ADCOX says:

    Interested in becoming hemp grower

  34. Stacey says:

    Hi I’m in WV and have a small farm and I’m interested in hemp farming for CBD and want to do a high quality crop and do hand crafted. I’m looking for any information I can get.

  35. James says:

    I’m ready to get started with a little help for modern farmer

  36. Jon Simplot says:

    want to diversify my farming operation. currently corn and beans. like to try hemp farming in the rotation. We currently have a water hemp problem in Iowa which we cannot control, is this commercial hemp in the same family and will it spread into my other crops and become a weed like multiflora rose?

  37. james says:

    i need a seed supplier for hemp seed to plant 100 acres-would like an organic seed but open for suggestions
    [email protected]

  38. Lacie says:

    Im looking to see of there are any existing ORGANIC hemp farms in the United states ?

  39. Lynnette says:

    I am interested in connecting with raw plant buyers for hemp!

  40. Channon says:

    Wow, just adding up the acres referenced here that people are interested in switching over to hemp is going to produce some major market imbalances! I may just plant soybeans, since it looks like I may be the only soybean farmer in 2019!

    • Steve says:

      Precisely! As with any other market, those who got in early will make their fortunes and a few of those who are forward thinking will navigate into a long term sustainable business. Those who follow the herd at this point will lose out to the massive industrial producers who are obviously entering this market quickly with billions of dollars.

  41. […] to the Modern Farmer article, “So, You Want to Be a Hemp Farmer?” by Brian Barth, “Hemp grows more vigorously than corn, but requires less water, pesticides, […]

  42. Terrence Kirk says:

    Potential hemp grower in Oregon

    • Peggy Zorich says:

      Hi Terrence, finally a person from Ore.! Where are you located? We are in Astoria Ore. We have a cow/calf Angus small scale operation here at 4Z Ranch. Looking to the future, because we are old folks and can’t do this forever, the Hemp might be a crop that would bring $. The question is, will 50ac. be enough? Is our climate right? I’m reaching out to you because you probably know lots more than me & got feedback from your comment. OK Then, Happy New Year. [email protected] 4Z.

  43. Sherry says:

    I would like to know more about farming hemp, seed suppliers and more.

    Thank you , Sherry

  44. Tina Braithwaite says:

    Hi I would like to discuss hemp at your convenience.

  45. Stephanie jensen says:

    Looking into hemp farming in Wisconsin. Please let me know if anyone has information in buying seed and anyone looking to buy the hemp.
    Email me at [email protected]

    Thanks Steph Jensen

  46. Randy Grudle says:

    Farm in Iowa, looking for an alternative crop, very interested in hemp production

  47. John Harwell says:

    I am interested in growing hemp in east Texas. We are currently growing coastal bermuda for hay but would be interested in moving over to hemp. How do we get started?

  48. KK says:

    Large scale farm in Oklahoma looking for buyers for hemp 2019. Please email me [email protected]

  49. Karen G. says:

    Primarily interested in cultivation of high CBD hemp for medicinal use. Is there a difference in cultivation methods between that and the broad use industrial hemp? Are there any special micronutrients which should be added to the soil to enhance the quality of plants produced? Is it better to start from seeds or seedlings? We have grown soybeans in the fields we would like to convert to hemp. Central MI location. Good clay loam soil. Any suggestions would be welcome.

  50. Jenny says:

    We have 500 acres in New England, have wanted to plant Hemp for ages. Interested in buying Seed, contacting Suppliers and Crop Buyers.

    Thank you.
    jb.dron at gee mail dot com

  51. Kim Belknap says:

    I would like to receive updates from modern farmer thank you

  52. Henry Ward says:

    I’m interested in growing hemp.

  53. David watson says:

    was interested in talking with Russell b Lester from Colorado does anyone know his phone number

  54. Donna Hess says:

    We have 100 acres in rural Kansas. Interested in growing Hemp now that it has passed in farm bill.

  55. Michael T Dolan says:

    i live in NY and hopefully will be growing soon any info will be great TY

  56. Tiffani Heryford says:

    Interested in a new farming venture. I saw a youtube video of hemp being harvested it looks like a wheat or rice harvester is being used. We already have equipment for both of these crops, is hemp a similar cultivation process? We are in Northern California, are there any commercial processers located here? Would love to get lots more information.

    • CARY SCHLOSSER says:

      Hello Tiffani, My name is Cary Schlosser, I’m a land broker/farmer in Eastern Colorado, with approximately 3000 acres of irrigated land for sale/rent and I have available potential commercial sites for processing. If you are interested and would like to discuss, feel free to contact me at 719-349-0478.

      Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.


  57. Brynhildur Sighvatsdóttir says:

    Hi, I am from Iceland and would like to get more information about hemp growing and contacts – possible partnership.
    Please feel free to contact me

    • Christian Bender says:

      Hey Brynhildur!

      Lets chat via email: hempprovisions at gmail dot come (for security purposes).

    • CARY SCHLOSSER says:

      Hello, My name is Cary Schlosser, I’m a land broker/farmer in Eastern Colorado, with approximately 3000 acres of irrigated land for sale/rent and I also have available/potential commercial sites for processing. If you are interested and would like to discuss, feel free to contact me at 719-349-0478.

      Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.


    • Jacob J Uhlenkott says:


      I’ll actually be in Iceland in February. Let’s chat.

      [email protected]

  58. Bradley Henley says:

    I would like more information on growing hemp for cbd.
    I have 27 acres is east Texas currently ag timber. This is a clear cut/prep year, could invest in hemp produce.

  59. Dale Daugherty says:

    I own 162 Acres of grout irrigated in Missouri medical marijuana just became legal here in Missouri I would like to grow hemp

  60. Julie Phelps says:

    I have 200 acres in SW Virginia. I am ready to start growing industrial hemp. I have equipment and well drained crop land. Please advise!

  61. Nathan says:

    Hello, I am an industrial hemp broker/consultant, based in Texas, working on a national level. We are looking for farms and farmers interested in a future with this exciting crop.
    Please feel free to contact me at:
    SatoshiAlexander at Gmail dot com

    • jerome cotto says:

      I’m a entrepreneur looking to gain experience In the field I would love to intern at your company with no pay if need be.. looking forward to getting into contact with you fellow world changers

    • Cal stewart says:

      Yes my name is cal stewart in Idabel Oklahoma I have river bottom property on red river 580 6126753 or e- mail me with more details

  62. Nathan says:

    Comments are broken

  63. Sandra Lee says:

    I am interested in Medicinal Hemp. I just want to grow a small bit in a tubular structure. Is it worth the effort? Who do I contact?

  64. Reva McConnell says:

    Will Hemp grow at 600ft? What is the length of its growing cycle?

  65. Jeremy Fischer says:

    Hi, I’m looking into growing 40 acres of hemp in Minnesota for cbd oil. Where do I sell the female buds?

  66. Matt says:

    Have a small farm in southern Pennsylvania. Interested in where to get seeds to grow hemp for CBD. [email protected] thanks

  67. Calvin M says:


    I have got large amount land available, that I wanted to use for growing HEMP. The land is outside of the US and resides in Southern Africa. I also have very cheap labour available that can work on the HEMP farm.

    I am looking to partner up with farmers, to work on the HEMP project in Southern Africa.

    In addition, I also want to know if anyone knows any buyers of HEMP produce.

  68. Anson says:

    Own 191 tiled, terraced, great loam soils in central Missouri. Connected with lots of other farmers in the area. Would love more information for a third crop other than our current corn and soybeans we plant.

  69. Kimberly Oleske says:

    We are excited to learn all we can about this!! Please keep the information comming!!!

  70. Jr Anderson says:

    Have couple thousand acres of land in Missoyri now farmed in corn and soybeans. Interested in learning about growing hemp.

  71. Lavin sigg says:

    Interested in growing this crop also.please contact me with more information on how and what I need to do so thank.

  72. Aaron Klander says:

    I have 36 acres in tonapah Arizona and am interested in growing hemp.

  73. Nefateria Guzman says:

    My fiance and I would like to buy land and get a hemp farm going here in southern wisconsin with some help of someone who already has a field or two and knows the business very well. We would like assistance in getting set up so that we may run it here.

  74. Amanda says:

    I am interested in producing hemp for CBD oil on approximately 30 acres in East Tennessee. I hear we have some of the best soil for this crop! If anyone has any advice or interest, please let me know. ahandy 896 at gmail dot com.

  75. Would like to stay up to date for Hemp growers. I am in Missouri and have 140 acres.

    I am in the party rental business now, and want to transition to something new.

    Oh, and I have a green thumb!

  76. Steven Wayne Martin, TTEE says:

    Need seeds for 1/2 acre, personal use only, central New Mexico.

  77. David A Miller says:

    I would like more information on growing industrial hemp in Western Kansas. Where would be a good place to start or who could I contact?

    [email protected]

  78. Frank deforke says:

    Please send me info on growing hemp in Texas legal wise

  79. Tony says:

    I am interested in classes on growing HEMP in NC. We have approximately 75acres.

  80. Maelisa says:

    looking for information on growing hemo in nys

  81. Joesph says:

    I am going to be purchasing property in Southern Oregon to jump on the certified hemp train before the bubble busts. Always open to investors/partners, especially since I am just starting out.

  82. Daniel Orsak says:

    Only have 30 acres in central Texas. I’ll buy more. 30 years landscaping with a floral liscense.
    Need the right seeds now for cbd oil production. Rush to be the first. Ready this spring.

  83. Jerry says:

    Interested In hemp farming info’thank guy out jk

  84. Luke says:

    I have a few acres in Tennessee. Who should I contact to get started.

  85. Michelle Jordan says:

    My husband and I live in Kentucky and would like to be a Greenhouse growers of Organic Hemp , missed the deadline on obtaining our license. Need some info on the process for the 2020 growing season . We currently have 10 greenhouses on 15 acres and large warehouse We use to be a commercial grower with 38 greenhouses.Thank you for any help and direction , Michelle

  86. Rebecca Sazegar says:

    Would like to receive your newsletter

  87. Frances Fister says:

    I am interested in growing some hemp. Any info about purchasing seeds would be helpful

  88. Cal stewart says:

    My name is cal stewart I am in Oklahoma have land on the red river bottom I would like more information to grow hemp

  89. The Hemp plant is one of the better known hyperaccumulating plants in use for phytoremediation of toxins in different areas of the World. Earlier this year CBD and oils from Europe were known to be contaminated by nuclear fallout from the USSR latest blunder and those before it. In the USA when the Cali Emerald Cup Marijuana winners products were tested all but 1 were full of toxins from chemicals. When CBD is produced it is concentrated from the buds of the plant. This is the main area the hemp plant stores the toxins before it sets seeds. I just want everyone to be aware of the phytoremediation abilities and what could be a future liability for the Farmers getting in the biz and growing Hemp on previously conventionally farmed fields and chemicals that are present.

  90. KEVIN says:


  91. Jason says:

    I have 70 tillable acres on southern maryland and am extremely interested in hemp

  92. Cesar says:

    I am planning on planting some Hemp inCalifornia
    I have 45 acres. Need some advice and any other help on growing, investors and Distrubution info would be helpful. Feel free to email me
    [email protected]

  93. Sam says:

    Hi. I have some property in CO and am interested in growing for hemp crete. Any information would be great.

  94. Bill Boykin says:

    I want more info on growing hemp.

  95. Cate says:

    Wow! What a wonderful site. I love your writing style; I’m edified and engaged, and I’m not a farmer — yet. I live in an Ag community, come from farm folks, and you make it easy for me to understand what people are doing today.
    I came here for the biosolids article (I live in a bus on 46 acres). It is great. Thank you!!

  96. Tara says:

    Have a 600 acre farm in Southern US. Interested in growing.

  97. Cory Roberts says:

    Interested in growing in pa , got 7 acres in claysville pa .please contact me show ins & outs

  98. YUSUF YAHAYA says:

    What is the potential of farming hemp in WestAfrica, Nigeria. And what is the legal statutes, because we have the lands in farming industrial hemp with over 20 economic benefits.

  99. Danny says:

    I represent an organic farmer in Colorado. We have 59K pounds of hemp to sell for processing. I can be reached at [email protected]

  100. Robert says:

    I’ve got 70+ acres of land in Oklahoma looking for a partner to grow hemp

  101. william kleinsasser says:

    hi i;m lookint to grow hemp industrial have dry as irr acers in montana

  102. Terri Spencer says:

    Please send regular farming news. See below.

  103. Paula SImmons says:

    I have 60 acres in TN and am getting my paperwork to submit to the state. Which type is grown predominantly in TN?

  104. Martin D Gross says:

    Please add address for updates.

  105. Keith Luker says:

    Would like to know more about growing hemp and who to contact sell and buy seeds. I have about 70 acres to plant.

  106. MR. MARQUEZ says:

    I am considering growing hemp on both properties in Colorado. I only have 120 acres. Would it be worth it for smaller acreage?

  107. Dazey says:

    My partner & I have about 100 acres in Oklahoma to start a hemp farm. Our operation will grow once we sell a few harvests.
    We welcome any guidance & seek to make connections in the industry. We are also seeking partners for the end result, as a crop is useless without clients 😉
    Thank you in advance!

  108. Brian says:

    Please add me to your email list. I would like to get your newsletters. I have 30 acres and looking for more info on hemp.
    Thank you

    • Hi, Brian! If you head over to the homepage of Modern Farmer and scroll down to the bottom of the page, you’ll be able to input your email address & sign up for our newsletter. You will then receive our weekly newsletters through that email address.

  109. Geraldine Clinton says:

    I have approximately 47 contiguous acres in Oak Hill, Fl tha are under agricultural use for cattle. I would like to convert it into growing hemp. Is there help available to do this here?

  110. Rachel says:

    Please add me to your newsletter Distro.

    Thank you!

  111. Becca Lyons says:

    We are growing in Oregon and looking for hemp buyers. Please contact me at [email protected]. Thanks!

  112. James mullins says:

    I would love to grow it on a smaller scale I would be a small farmer is there a place for the small growers

  113. William says:

    Interested in entering the Hemp industry. Seeking guidance on education/production/processing/etc.

    200+ acres in New Jersey + access to land and capital for potential processing facility in western colorado

    please reach out if you’re able to provide guidance

  114. Paula Freeman says:

    Im in texas, been raising cows for years. I’m starving. Want to support myself and keep away from any form of welfare. Any help appreciated. I’m ready now

  115. Drew says:

    I have 20 acres in middle Tn interested in possibly partnering in the hemp industry

  116. Dave says:

    Hi Bryan My name is Dave I am interested growing hemp this year and would like to get any info you have on where I can get good genetic seeds. Thanks Dave.

  117. Cyril Griffin says:

    Interested in inventing/building equipment for hemp processing, construction materials such as plywood and stick lumber

  118. Marsha Hughes says:

    Is there a need for land in the rural areas south of Augusta, GA?

  119. Todd Lyfoung says:

    I’m interested about growing industrial hemp in Central Valley, CA. I need info from ground zero up. Thank you.

  120. Bryan says:

    We own 20 acres, scalable to 100 acres in eastern VA and are looking into the prospect of growing hemp. I don’t have any equipment, or own processing; but, I am extremely to be in the hemp production business.

  121. James says:

    I am also interested in growing hemp in Northwest Texas, We have land that is certified organic. Would be interested in growing for seed, oil, and Fiber. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  122. Jan Southam says:

    Interested in all aspects of hemp farming. Have 150 acres in Nevada. Thanks you!

  123. Kelly Westfall says:

    Interested in growing hemp in Missouri.

  124. Jean says:

    Live in minnesota

  125. Joe Mathern says:

    Live in north dakota,sure would like to reduce my corn and soybean acres,sold my cows couple weeks ago,like to plant in pasture.waiting to see what the state is going to allow

  126. Nicholas C says:

    I have a 60 acre farm in New Jersey, I have a local farmer renting the farm from me. I would love to start farming hemp but I am clueless on how to go about it. it would be great to get some feedback on how to start the business and farming.

  127. Aaron Davis says:

    Hello, I have been growing marijuana in Oregon for about ten years . I would like to grow hemp also . Can you give me some info. on how to go about starting a hemp farm? Thank you Aaron.

  128. Michael Wuolukka says:

    Interested in growing hemp in middle ga.

  129. stephen vescova says:

    hi my name is steve I’m interested in farming hemp also have connections on processing in colorado and oregon I’m currently in the hydroponic side of things.ive been in the industry for 25plus years.

  130. Tracey says:

    I’m curious about the opportunities with hemp other than growing and would like to learn more. Please add me to your news letter.

  131. Bill naylon says:

    I have only ever worked on a corn farm and only for a few months, I’m currently a truck driver but want to settle down and start a farm. I think growing industrial hemp is ideal. Can anyone point me in the direction to start? I would appreaicte advice or book or website recommendations. Thank you.

  132. Charles says:

    I am In Puerto Rico. 20 acres available with the capacity to add more acres. I am already a farmer.

  133. Jacob Bullock says:

    I would like to plan on harvesting 200 acres of hemp from my family farm land in Iowa this 2019 fall season. I have the land, only need interested serious buyers. Interested parties please contact me at [email protected] from there we can exchange phone numbers. Thank you

  134. Norman says:

    Any processing plants in the US yet? Last I knew the closest was in Canada.

  135. Elizabeth Wallace says:

    I have tracts ranging from 35 acres to over 500 acres in South Carolina, where I suspect the climate would be good. I would be very interested to see it go into hemp. I am also looking at the Maryland, where I hope to soon have 100 acres. If anyone is interested in farming SC in particular contact me [email protected]

  136. Rolando Vasquez says:

    My name is Rolando, I work with a process group. We work with farmers to grow our seeds on their farm, minimum 100 acres. Need to know, 1. # acres available, 2. State and zip code, 3. Name of owner(s)/all signing authorities

  137. Anthony Holloman says:

    Very interested in the planting hemp here in North Carolina any information would be great thanks

  138. John says:

    I have about 320 acres in California Kern County and wondering if it’s suitable for growing hemp. I am not a farmer but would appreciate any input on this. Thank you.

  139. Over 300 acres in
    Apalachin NY would like information on farming HEMP.

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