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Putting the “Chic” in Chicken: 6 Modernist Coops

Six modernist chicken coops worthy of Don Draper's envy.



The Cocorico

Designer: Maxime Evrard

This quintessentially ’50s coop has a chicken-wire design worthy of any Bertoia aficionado’s envy, and curves that mimic the stark, wooden stature of a classic Noguchi centerpiece. The egg-shaped compartment is made for peaceful (and covered) egg-laying; the wired section is for playing and foraging.



Nogg Hen House

Designers: Matthew Hayward and Nadia Turan

How better to feel at home than to reside in a place modeled off of your own embryonic offspring? This handcrafted, egg-shaped chicken coop, made from the wood of a fresh-scented cedar, is complete with stainless steel trimming and an elevated glass skylight (for stargazing, breathability). The coop is fox-proof, and it’s good for housing two to four laying hens.



Geodesic Dome Coop

Designer: Anthony Liekens

Calling all minimalist chickens! This handmade geodesic dome is a stylish and durable alternative to your classic chicken coop: It’s made with an elevated and water-tight design to protect your ladies from the elements. When it’s time for spring cleaning (or egg collection), simply lift or remove the lightweight dome.



The Breed Retreat

Designer: Frederik Roijé

If Frank Lloyd Wright designed a chicken coop, it would probably look like this: A fine Holland-made hen house designed for chickens to do exactly as it says — to breed and to retreat. (Because what hen doesn’t deserve a beautiful and relaxing maternity leave?)



The Modern Coop

Designers: Mitchell Snyder and Shelley Martin

A sleek coop with a boxy, Bauhausian flare. This hen house comes complete with a native-landscaping green roof to merge the aesthetic of the chicken abode with its natural surroundings. The coop has two perches made from tree branches on the inside, and easy exterior access to its two laying boxes.



1950’s Tractor Coop

Designer: John Wright

Modeled off of a ’50s-style tractor, this cedar-made coop looks justlike a retro trailer. And like any good trailer (or tractor), it’s movable; the “sport coupe” version of this Lexus of hen houses comes with high-speed mountain bike wheels.


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2 years ago

Can I get plans to build the Breed Retreat by Frederick Roije chicken coop? Or how to order it? Thanks.