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Soil Builds Prosperity From the Ground Up

Aidee Guzman, 30, grew up the daughter of immigrants in California’s Central Valley, among massive... (more)

Breanna Draxler, YES! Magazine
January 10, 2024
In Oaxaca, a State Fair That Celebrates Native Crops’ Rich Legacy

Anyone who’s spent time in Mexico can report firsthand on the country’s deep reverence for... (more)

Lauren Rothman
January 9, 2024
Birds are Vulnerable to Heat Stress, Even on Farms

In June of 2021, an extreme heatwave hit the Pacific Northwest. From British Columbia to... (more)

Lena Beck
January 8, 2024
In Search of Sustainable Fragrance

My contraption hisses and bubbles. I feel like a mad scientist. The air is filled... (more)

Melissa Julia
January 5, 2024
The Uncertain Future of Lobstering in Maine

In parts of coastal Maine, lobstering is the industry. Entire communities depend on it, from... (more)

Samantha Maxwell
January 3, 2024
Year in Review: The Farmers and Food Folk We Met Along the...

The “Meet the Modern Farmer” profile series has been a staple of Modern Farmer for... (more)

Modern Farmer
December 26, 2023
Meet the Farmer Championing Fair Food Prices While Fighting Food Insecurity

“Everyone used to joke that I would deliver my second child in my station wagon... (more)

Michelle Colman
December 22, 2023
Opinion: Canada’s Ag Policies Need to Better Serve Local Farmers and Communities

Canada’s current agricultural production model is unsustainable and in desperate need of reform. A range... (more)

Richard Bloomfield, The Conversation
December 21, 2023
Meet the Taro Farmer Restoring an Ecosystem Through Native Hawaiian Practices

Sprouting deep within the verdant pleats of Oʻahu’s Koʻolau Mountains, Heʻeia stream winds through Kakoʻo... (more)

Naoki Nitta
December 15, 2023