Warren Schultz, Author at Modern Farmer
Agronomics: Estate Planning

To paraphrase a Chinese proverb about planting trees, the best time to start contemplating the... (more)

Warren Schultz
October 20, 2017
Cropped: How to Grow Cold-Hardy Wine Grapes

Admit it: Your agricultural fantasy doesn't involve turnips or even tomatoes. Good thing, then, that... (more)

Warren Schultz
April 27, 2017
How to Build a Hot Bed

This DIY apparatus - more or less a cold frame on steroids - relies on... (more)

Warren Schultz
April 26, 2017
Cropped: Blackberries

Once troublesome for growers, these tasty brambles have been tamed as new, improved varieties hit... (more)

Warren Schultz
June 23, 2015