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5 Top Cities for Raising Urban Livestock

The five most open-minded municipalities when it comes to urban agriculture.

Brian Barth
January 19, 2015
This Worm Is Genetically Engineered to Spin Spider Silk

If you always thought it would be a great idea to breed silkworms that produced... (more)

Brian Barth
November 19, 2014
7 Seriously Farmed Bugs

If we all ate insects, the world would be a better place.

Brian Barth
August 25, 2014
When the Well Runs Dry, Try Dry Farming

As California suffers through a record drought, irrigation-free farming starts to step up.

Brian Barth
July 10, 2014
Microbes Will Feed the World, or Why Real Farmers Grow Soil, Not...

It's not just better crops that will feed the world - it's better microbes.

Brian Barth
April 22, 2014
10 Surprising Facts About Asparagus

What don't you know about asparagus?

Brian Barth
April 1, 2014
The Joy of Cooking Invasive Species

Want to help out your local ecosystem? Chow down on an invasive species today.

Brian Barth
March 27, 2014