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We’re Compiling a List of CSAs in All 50 States

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Photography by Yesim Sahin on Shutterstock

If you’re worried about having access to fresh food in the months ahead, become a member of a Community Supported Agriculture program! To help you find one near you, we’re compiling a list of farms that offer CSA’s in all fifty states (as well as in Washington, DC). Let us know if we’re missing yours, and we’ll add it. 
If you didn’t find a CSA near you here, try heading over to Local Harvest to search their database using your zip code.

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Heinz Hemken
4 years ago

Please add the city where the farm is located. Nobody is going to exhaustively check each one to see if it’s nearby.

4 years ago

This list is great but it would be even more helpful if the locations of the farms or areas that the farms serviced was include; maybe a map of each state that showed there relative location? Other wise I’m clicking on every link for NY. farms looking at which is close to me.

4 years ago

Add Farmer John CSA 1541 lower State road Doylestown pa 18901 215-272-2200

4 years ago

Deep Roots Farm in Idaho (www.deep-Roots-Farm.com)
Omache Farm in Washington
Hands & Hearts Farm in Idaho

Jen Walters Petry
4 years ago

include Field 51 in Goshen, KY! https://www.field51produce.com/

4 years ago

We also offer CSAs and delivery to doors for housebound folks in isolation.

4 years ago

Please feel free to add us to the CSA list:
Bridgewater Farm in Iowa

4 years ago

Philly Food Works in PA! They even deliver to your stoop. https://phillyfoodworks.com/

4 years ago

Great List! Thank you! I have bookmarked all the farms in my state-Thank you! I noticed that the mudjoy farm listed here “has moved away from commercial vegetable production to focus n seed production and breeding-Especially dry-farmed seed varieties. . ” (according to their site info.). Hope that helps to keep your list updated. Again-Thank you for the work in putting this list together – Excellent resource! As well-You might check into Oregon Tilth in Eugene as well. And Sunbow Farm. Harry MacCormack is an excellent resource and organic educator. He has devoted his life to organics and education.

4 years ago

Please add Land’s Sake Farm 27 Crescent Street Weston MA