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‘Royals’ Cow-Herding Video: A New Take On An Old Trend

For years, modern-day Pied Pipers have been enticing cows with jazz, blues, accordions, and more.

Well, we hate to play the hipster-farmer card here, but – adjusts overall straps – the cows-love-music story is old news. Back in February, Modern Farmer published a rather extensive piece on the subject (though, granted, it focused on milking, rather than herding), and a seminal study on the cow-music relationship was published way back in 2001. Then, of course, there are the videos. A YouTube search for “music for cows” yields thousands of results. Here, we rounded up some of our favorites – spoiler: cows are creatures of eclectic musical tastes.

[mf_h1 align=”left” transform=”uppercase”]That Smooth Jazz, Though[/mf_h1]

[mf_video type=”youtube” id=”lXKDu6cdXLI”]

With more than 12 million views, this 2011 recording of a jazz band serenading some captivated cows is technically beating Klingenberg in the numbers department. (Also in the branding department. See jazzforcows.com). If only it had been published in the age of Buzzfeed.

[mf_h1 align=”left” transform=”uppercase”]Cows Love Accordion Music[/mf_h1]

[mf_video type=”youtube” id=”VvrHsaBm6MY”]

This one’s from 2010. Stick around till 0:32 for something fun.

[mf_h1 align=”left” transform=”uppercase”]Also, Blues[/mf_h1]

[mf_video type=”youtube” id=”aMTt4yQUXgM”]

These cuties just want to join the party.

[mf_h1 align=”left” transform=”uppercase”]Cattle Dance Party: Enough Said[/mf_h1]

[mf_video type=”youtube” id=”3n6Ra-K7us8″]

Truth be told, the cows don’t seem to like this one. That, or they’re very wary mosh pit participants.

[mf_h1 align=”left” transform=”uppercase”]The Pied Piperess[/mf_h1]

[mf_video type=”youtube” id=”yiRSx1wqcOA”]

2011: In the mood for some fancy flautistry? Cows like that, too.

[mf_h1 align=”left” transform=”uppercase”]Killer Cows[/mf_h1]

[mf_video type=”youtube” id=”XKnDdfUC1E0″]

This one plays more like a horror movie.

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