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Meet the Modern Farming Consultant Sharing Ancient Culture and Traditions in Alaska

Gifting your first catch, whether a moose, a deer or berries, is a Tlingit tradition. ... (more)

Jill Dutton
October 27, 2023
Q&A: Is Agriculture the Answer to Climate Change?

In the popular imagination, solutions to climate change are often boiled down to reducing fossil... (more)

Brian Barth
August 26, 2019
How Seed Saving Is Repairing a Painful Past for Native Americans

Reclaiming food traditions, a big part of it.

Liz Susman Karp
May 20, 2019
Meet the Farmers Running for Congress

This November, four active farmers will vie for a chance to represent their districts in... (more)

Brian Barth
July 26, 2018
Five Female Farmer Candidates to Watch in 2018

Meet five female farmers running for office in the November elections

Brian Barth
June 26, 2018
Minnesota’s New Legislation Makes It Easier for Young Farmers to Farm

America's ag industry is aging fast, but Minnesota has introduced new legislation to attract young... (more)

Andrew Amelinckx
June 27, 2017
Mary Stuart Masterson’s “Good Dirt” Tells the Story of Real Farmers

The play, directed by Masterson and written by Jeremy Davidson, premieres at the Brooklyn Academy... (more)

Andrew Amelinckx
April 7, 2016