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New Treatments for Citrus Greening Have Passed Initial Testing

Citrus greening, a disease with no cure, has torn through citrus groves in Florida, Louisiana,... (more)

Emily Baron Cadloff
September 14, 2023
Farm-to-Table Doesn’t Always Mean Farm-to-Glass

When Charlie Marshall opened his New York City restaurant, The Marshal, in 2013, he was... (more)

Kathleen Willcox
September 13, 2023
The Goldilocks Zone Needed to Keep Strawberry Fields Forever

According to the University of Florida, the perfect temperatures for growing strawberries—the Goldilocks zone—is between... (more)

Jennifer Cole
September 4, 2023
Are We Backing the Wrong Bee?

Dr. Jim Cane is out in the squash fields before the sun peeks out over... (more)

Elizabeth Hilborn
September 1, 2023
Food Systems 101: How Community Colleges Are Helping Students Connect Farm to...

On the back 16 acres of Walla Walla Community College, 30 Red Angus cows stand... (more)

Sara Ventiera
August 29, 2023
Hungry and Seemingly Unstoppable: Grasshoppers Invade Canada’s Prairies

Every August, the Alberta government surveys grasshopper populations to discern the number of adult females... (more)

Jennifer Cole
August 25, 2023
Regenerative Food Certification: Gold Standard or Greenwashing?

Since the resurgence of regenerative agriculture, farming has never been sexier. The star-studded film Kiss... (more)

Jack Thompson
August 24, 2023
US Flower and Foliage Growers Look To Revive a Wilting Industry

The early morning, late summer fog still clings to wide open grassy areas along a... (more)

Jennifer Taylor, East Wing Magazine
August 22, 2023
It’s Alive! The Debate Over Lab-Grown Chicken

Josh Tetrick swears he’d have another job if only all poultry producers farmed thoughtfully and... (more)

Jason Langendorf
August 21, 2023