Sarah Baird, Author at Modern Farmer
Farms of Tomorrow, Today

A look into Tex Avery's absurd conception of farming in the future.

Sarah Baird
February 20, 2015
We All Scream for Snow Cream

Home-made winter sweet: snow cream.

Sarah Baird
January 22, 2015
Rock Stars of the Bug World

When rock stars meet bugs, the results are bugs named after the stars.

Sarah Baird
January 12, 2015
Braying for Battle: The Long Love Affair Between Donkeys and the Military

The donkey in question was not just any braying, four-legged friend. It was Smoke, the... (more)

Sarah Baird
December 11, 2014
Looking for Pie in All the Wrong Places

Before Tinder, there were pie suppers.

Sarah Baird
November 21, 2014