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Meet the Modern Farmer: Jeanette Bell

This 72-year-old regularly works well into the evening, tending vegetables and flowers in raised beds.

Miranda Crowell
December 30, 2016
Meet the Modern Farmer: Omar Laafoura

Omar Laafoura grew up in cosmopolitan Casablanca, where his only glimpse of agrarian life came... (more)

Miranda Crowell
December 19, 2016
Meet the Modern Farmer: The Wyckoff Family

John Wyckoff doesn’t usually deliver. But he made an exception three years ago: On Thanksgiving... (more)

Miranda Crowell
December 5, 2016
Meet the Modern Farmer: Kelsey Herrington and Dominic Pascarelli

"I don't think of this as a real job,” admits Pascarelli. "It's like we found... (more)

Miranda Crowell
November 28, 2016
Meet the Modern Farmer: Leila Schneider and Chandler Briggs

These farmers use actual horsepower instead of gas-guzzling machinery.

Miranda Crowell
October 3, 2016
Meet the Modern Farmer: Tracy Mackness

Tracy Mackness went from working in a prison butcher shop to owning her own company.

Miranda Crowell
September 27, 2016
Meet the Modern Farmer: Tony Gibbons, Christopher Washington, and James Livengood

You can harvest your own greens with Radicle Farm Company's "living salad."

Miranda Crowell
September 22, 2016
Meet the Modern Farmer: Billie Delaney

This Alaskan fisherwoman got hooked on fishing.

Miranda Crowell
September 15, 2016