Miranda Crowell, Author at Modern Farmer
Meet the Modern Farmers: David and Kim Bryant, Virginia Chestnuts

This clever couple planted an orchard of chestnut trees that will support them well into... (more)

Miranda Crowell
September 21, 2018
Meet the Modern Farmer: Yago Clavo Roman

Meet Yago Roman, the head vegetable farmer at the Spannocchia estate in Siena, Italy.

Miranda Crowell
June 18, 2018
Meet the Modern Farmers: Jessika Tantisook and Jared Oakes

When Jessika Tantisook and Jared Oakes began weaning their 10-acre cranberry bog off chemicals, people... (more)

Miranda Crowell
October 24, 2017
Meet the Modern Farmer: Gustavo Jimenez

Gustavo Jimenez started as an undocumented immigrant. Now he and his wife run Jimenez Family... (more)

Miranda Crowell
October 20, 2017
Meet the Modern Farmers: Margot Brooks and Alex Eaton

Margot Brooks may be a sixth-generation dairy farmer, but she hasn't exactly followed in her... (more)

Miranda Crowell
September 27, 2017
Meet the Modern Farmer: Carlton Bridgeforth

This 32-year-old left Wall Street for the family farm in Alabama.

Miranda Crowell
September 21, 2017
Meet the Modern Farmer: Jon Old

"Fresh grated wasabi is a revelation.”

Miranda Crowell
March 30, 2017
Meet the Modern Farmer: Jeanette Bell

This 72-year-old regularly works well into the evening, tending vegetables and flowers in raised beds.

Miranda Crowell
December 30, 2016
Meet the Modern Farmer: Omar Laafoura

Omar Laafoura grew up in cosmopolitan Casablanca, where his only glimpse of agrarian life came... (more)

Miranda Crowell
December 19, 2016