Lynne Palazzi, Author at Modern Farmer
A Dairy Queen Of a Different Kind: Meet 2018’s Princess Kay of...

Each year, The Minnesota State Fair crowns a new Princess Kay. Part of the honor?... (more)

Lynne Palazzi
August 28, 2018
Meet the Modern Farmer: Meredith Bell

This former catering exec's transition to farming offered up an unusual number of twists, including... (more)

Lynne Palazzi
August 23, 2018
Meet the Modern Farmer: Brendan Davison

From cannabis to organic microgreens.

Lynne Palazzi
October 26, 2017
Earth Mover: Ken Greene

"I always tell people, when you plant a seed, you're growing a story,” says Ken... (more)

Lynne Palazzi
April 12, 2017
This Guy’s Going to Paddle an 800-Pound Pumpkin”For a World Record &...

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a guy who... (more)

Lynne Palazzi
August 12, 2016