Francesca Shanks, Author at Modern Farmer
Review: Ancient Grains

The grains you see at your average grocery store are just the tip of the... (more)

Francesca Shanks
May 30, 2015
Review: Growing Beautiful Food

Farmer and photographer Matthew Benson, a fierce proponent of organic farming, gives us an intimate... (more)

Francesca Shanks
May 13, 2015
Review: The Mangalitsa Pig: Royalty is Coming to America

This book is a love letter to a unique Hungarian pig breed, a breed whose... (more)

Francesca Shanks
May 1, 2015
Review: Blue Ribbon Canning: Award-Winning Recipes

Blue Ribbon Canning includes interesting creations from award-winning canners across the United States. There's strawberry... (more)

Francesca Shanks
April 17, 2015
Review: The Nourishing Homestead

The Nourishing Homestead reads as part back-to-the-land missive, part guide to the workings of a... (more)

Francesca Shanks
April 2, 2015
Juno Down on the Farm

Wondering how farmers in the Northeast prepared for the snow storm? Here are the answers.

Francesca Shanks
January 27, 2015