Dan Mitchell, Author at Modern Farmer
How Natural News Compared Us to Pro-GMO Nazis and Put Us on...

Adams runs NaturalNews, the innocuously named, mystifyingly popular site that for years has existed to... (more)

Dan Mitchell
July 29, 2014
Cock-A-Doodle-Don’t: New Farm Bill Bans Cockfight Attendance

Chris Cates, who raises livestock in Rising Fawn, Ga., is appalled by the farm bill,... (more)

Dan Mitchell
January 30, 2014
Stop Bleating ‘Sheeple,’ Sheeple

Sheeple, according to the wielders of the word, can belong to any number of flocks.... (more)

Dan Mitchell
December 13, 2013
Have We Reached Peak Pumpkin Spice?

There is a growing backlash against pumpkin spice everything - but the public still slurps... (more)

Dan Mitchell
October 29, 2013