Turnip for What: 10 Vintage Pictures of Turnip Farming

Another Library of Congress photo archive deep dive, this time all about turnips.

Charles McFarlane
August 1, 2014
Meet Modern Farmer’s Guest Instagrammer: Transition Farm

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Charles McFarlane
July 28, 2014
Feeding 9 Billion People: A Q&A with Paul McMahon

We talk to Paul McMahon about his refreshingly non-dogmatic look at the global food system... (more)

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July 22, 2014
Meet Modern Farmer’s Guest Instagrammer: Bundarra Berkshires

After waking up at five in the morning and putting her children back to bed,... (more)

Charles McFarlane
July 21, 2014
12 Vintage Pictures of Farm Stands

To get ready for those summer drives and long cookouts we looked through the Library... (more)

Charles McFarlane
July 18, 2014
Meet Modern Farmer’s Guest Instagrammer: Free Union Grass Farm

Talking with this week's guest Instagrammers, Erica Hellen and Joel Slezak, the husband and wife... (more)

Charles McFarlane
July 14, 2014
Meet Modern Farmer’s Guest Instagrammer: Local Roots Farm

Modern Farmer: Could you tell us a little about how you and your wife started... (more)

Charles McFarlane
July 7, 2014
Why Cows and Fireworks Don’t Mix

Everyone loves fireworks - except for cattle herds.

Charles McFarlane
July 4, 2014
15 Vintage Pictures of Farm Dogs

Iconic images of herding dogs, from the archives of the Library of Congress to you.

Charles McFarlane
June 13, 2014