Anna Roth, Author at Modern Farmer
Buy “Meat-Free Meat” at America’s New Vegan Butchers

Vegans, your next meatless butcher shop is coming soon.

Anna Roth
December 18, 2014
Your Beloved Avocado Might Be in Short Supply Soon

Are we headed toward a significant avocado shortage?

Anna Roth
December 5, 2014
Liquid Gold: New Sensor Can Tell If Your Olive Oil’s Gone Bad

A palm-sized sensor might become an easy, inexpensive way to test whether your olive oil... (more)

Anna Roth
October 27, 2014
Toast in the Machine: Meet Your New Computer Chef Overlords

Two supercomputers are getting involved in the personal, intuitive process of cooking.

Anna Roth
October 13, 2014
Congratulations New Mom: It’s a Watermelon!

A hot pregnancy trend has roots in the field.

Anna Roth
September 26, 2014
Honey Could Cure Your Infections

Fresh honey may be able to achieve what modern medicine can't.

Anna Roth
September 17, 2014
They Look Like Apples, Taste Delicious, and Will Kill You

This tree's delicious fruit can cause internal bleeding... or death.

Anna Roth
September 5, 2014