Anita B. Stone, Author at Modern Farmer
How to Build a Three-Bin Compost System (And How to Use It,...

Two people can build our version - which repurposes free wood pallets - in an... (more)

Anita B. Stone
May 25, 2018
How to Build a Three-Bin Composter

Follow our blueprint to build a three-bin composter out of wood pallets.

Anita B. Stone
August 7, 2015
How to Build a Hoop House

Build a hoop house. Then brag about the fresh crops that you produce all year... (more)

Anita B. Stone
January 15, 2015
How to Build a Barn Owl Nest

If you are looking to rid your property of rodents, may we suggest a solution:... (more)

Anita B. Stone
May 7, 2014