Alexis Coe, Author at Modern Farmer
Meet Irma Harding, the Once and Future Face of American Refrigeration

Irma Harding is making a comeback as International Harvester revitalizes their brand with this iconic... (more)

Alexis Coe
June 30, 2014
Today We’re Eating the Winners of the 1948 Chicken of Tomorrow Contest

Some of the champions of these competitions became the major genetics suppliers of today's poultry.

Alexis Coe
May 12, 2014
We Fought the Emus (and the Emus Won)

In October of 1932, two Australian soldiers went to war. Their enemy: rampaging bands of... (more)

Alexis Coe
April 21, 2014
Inside the Pig War of 1859

How one dead swine nearly sparked an epic set of battles between the British and... (more)

Alexis Coe
March 14, 2014