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10 Farmers and Gardeners to Follow on TikTok

The video app is home to a plethora of tips and inspiration for growers of all kinds.

Follow these modern Farmers.
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We all get caught in the scrolling cycle. A fun video catches your attention, you click through to the next one and suddenly you look up and an hour has gone by. Sure, the short-form video app TikTok can be a time suck, but it’s not always a waste of time. 

From day-in-the-life videos to instructional guides, TikTok is becoming a favorable platform for farmers, gardeners and backyard growers. You can find new inspiration, trouble-shooting tips and page after page of plant porn.

Whatever your mood, here’s a list of some of our farmer and gardener accounts to check out.

When you’re looking to plant something new or rare: @b0tanica

What wild plant tastes like candy? What’s a flower ninja? Find out from Stephen as he walks through California, showcasing native plants in the wild. Stephen’s videos bounce around from weird and interesting plant facts to the Latin names and species origins. And his enthusiasm for wild botanicals is infectious. Scrolling through the page will leave you feeling like you just hiked around California and noticed each blossom and bud on the journey.—EBC

@basheppardMake the cut! #inspirationalvideo #motivationalvideo #horses #farmlife #CinderellaStrong #lifecoachforwomen #relationshipvideo #love #marriage♬ original sound – B. A. Sheppard

When you want a slice of relationship advice while gardening: @basheppard

Relationship strategist and devoted gardener BA Sheppard is here to remind you that plants aren’t the only things that grow. He’s possibly the only TikToker to explain the five love languages via grooming his horse. You can also expect regular content focused on the metaphor between caring for your plants and for yourself, such as why pruning away “suckers” is good for both tomatoes and relationships or how to protect your heart—and chickens—from predators.—SV

When you want to get back to basics: @epicgardening

If you’re starting a garden for the first time or just want to refresh your memory on some good techniques, this is the page for you. You’ll learn things such as how to set up a trellis for climbing plants such as peas or how to interplant to maximize space. The videos are fun and approachable for beginners, but they also offer even the seasoned gardener a few tips (such as what to do if you see dog vomit slime mold. Hint: don’t panic!)—EBC

When you need an expert farmer to hold your hand: @farmer.froberg

Whether you’re growing backyard vegetables as a hobby or looking to scale up your farming, fourth-generation Texas farmer and agriculture educator Tyler Froberg has endless tips and instructional videos on his TikTok. Learn about the Alabama red okra variety, how to save jicama seeds and ways to identify male and female zucchini flowers.—SV

@farmermelodyIt never gets old! #farmer #farmlife #fyp #foryou #viral #farmtiktok #chicks #chicken #foryoupage♬ The Big Day – Alex Arias & Alexander Julius Wright

When you’re curious about the future generations of farmers: @farmermelody

Twenty-year-old farmer Melody brings awareness to regenerative agriculture practices on her Washington farm, where she raises pasture-raised chickens, pigs and cattle with her three siblings and four friends. She routinely offers a glimpse into the day in the life of a young farmer, what getting a delivery of 620 chicks looks like and how to make feed for pigs. With a team ranging in age from 12 to 21, the account offers a fresh perspective on the future generations in farming.—SV

When you need positive reinforcement: @gardenmarcus 

If you’re looking for tips on caring for your houseplants and backyard garden with a side of genuinely warm life advice, look no further. Marcus walks you through basic plant parent how-to videos, but with a little extra inspiration. You can learn about separating root bundles while thinking about how to live in tight quarters with others or giving plants (and yourself) room to grow. Spending time in Marcus’s garden might inspire you to propagate a new plant or try journaling and meditation. Either way, you’ll come away with a useful tip.—EBC

@lonelypinesfarmgarlic is ALWAYS worth the wait #garlic #grow #growing #garden #gardening #farmlife #hobbyfarm♬ What’d I Say, Pt. 1 & 2 (2005 Mono Remaster) – Ray Charles

When you’re dreaming of a homesteading future: @lonelypinesfarm

In 2019, Jerry and Laura moved to their dream homestead on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, located across the Puget Sound from Seattle. They initially started a YouTube channel to chronicle their journey to becoming farmers and foragers at Lonely Pines Farm, but they have found a large following on TikTok, where they share a lot of farming and gardening instructional videos. Not sure when to harvest your garlic or how to identify potato disease? Want to see the difference mulching can make during a heatwave? How about beginner tips on how to start a garden? They have videos for it all.—SV

When you want to try new techniques: @permacultureparent

Permaculture is all about finding ways to live in harmony with nature and finding ways to cultivate “permanent agriculture.” Tori’s videos take a holistic approach to these methods, and the lessons go beyond the farm. On their feed, you might learn about the five principles of permaculture, check out garden experiments or just what life is like for young, queer, rural farmers.—EBC

When you want to see vegetables get the beauty treatment: @redleafranch

City dweller turned farmer Brian Brigantti and his partner left New York City for green pastures in Tennessee at the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020. On TikTok, Brigantti shares highs and lows from his first year of gardening, including the time he harvested a three-foot-long zucchini rampicante and made his own organic plant fertilizer.—SV

@useless_farmdid I just drink too much coffee or is this filmed by the same people who did the Blair Witch Project?

♬ original sound – Useless Farm

When #farmlife makes you laugh: @uselessfarm

When the animals on your farm are misbehaving and you want to scream, head on over to this page for some hilarious commiseration. You’ll see if Karen the Emu is on her best behavior or if Michael the Alpaca gets his apple. This is the account that shows what living with farm animals is really like.—EBC

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Lesley Byrne
2 years ago

Look I’m fairly techie savvy, but as a small farmer, who has the free time to indulge in all of the groups that are out there on FB, YouTube and now TikTok? It’s like voyeurism sometimes with everyone being an expert on something. I’m not being malicious just wondering who has all of that free time to cull through everything? I’m more like Groundhog Day with Bill Murray, dragging myself out of bed sometimes so exhausted from working outside until late at night, seven days a week, I’m just grateful to be able to grab a cup of my own… Read more »