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Last Word with Chef José Andrés

The Spanish-born chef oversees a massive restaurant empire, but he put principle above profit two years ago - pulling out of a deal with the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., after our future president made disparaging remarks about Hispanic immigrants.

I am an immigrant. And I’ve seen firsthand how important immigrants are to our food system. Instead of spending money to build walls, why not put it toward improving lives in neighboring countries? That’s the best way to keep people from showing up at our borders.

We must help the hungry feed themselves. One of my greatest worries is that SNAP benefits will be cut. The main goals of the next Farm Bill should be fighting hunger and supporting farmers who grow healthy food – not subsidizing big business.

I like to work with farmers I know. I have long relationships with suppliers in the D.C. area, such as Black Rock Orchard and Evensong Farm. Local, responsible sourcing leads to better-tasting food.

Our children deserve to eat well. School meals should be full of delicious, nutritious fruits and vegetables. Yet the new administration is rolling back former First Lady Michelle Obama’s lunch standards, which will deeply affect the health of our nation’s kids.

José Andrés is the chef-owner of ThinkFoodGroup, which operates 27 restaurants in the United States and Mexico, including the veggie-centric “fast good” chain Beefsteak. A U.S. citizen since 2013, Andrés has been awarded two Michelin stars, several James Beard Foundation honors, and the National Humanities Medal.

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