8 Awesome Antique Llamas

Domesticated by Andean cultures since pre-Hispanic times, the llama is a social animal. Courtesy of the Library of Congress, we dug up some of our favorite vintage pics of llamas from the past. Let the llamas lift your heart a little higher and enjoy!


A llama named Lady and her prize-winning cria, taken ca. 1920 at the Washington Zoological Park.


LLama frank

Another mama llama and her cria. This one’s coat literally shines. Also taken at Washington Zoological Park, ca. 1920.


number 3

A trio of llamas, with two smiles and a pout. Ca. 1920 at the Washington Zoological Park.



This tricolored llama waves its flag. Not even the black and white camera can miss it. Courtesy of the Washington, DC Zoo ca. 1916.



Another angle on this amazing tri-color llama, ca. 1916.


Llama Fashion

Llamas are always au courant, as this fashion shoot, ca. 1952 in Cusco, Peru, proves.



Llamas enjoy an afternoon in Lincoln Park Chicago, Illinois, ca. 1914.


Greatest female explorer

This llama maybe doesn’t know it, but it’s standing next to one of America’s greatest female explorers, Harriet Chalmers Adams. Lucky llama! ca. 1912.

8 Awesome Antique Llamas