Denver International Airport Made a One-Day Goat Yoga Room

Goats are pretty friendly.

via Denver International Airport

More than 100 million Americans traveled for the holidays this year. For many, that travel involved going through a long, crowded airport security line, waiting for a cramped, busy flight, and eating a tasteless chicken-pesto wrap.

In an effort to make the holiday travel slightly less torturous (and to secure news stories, which, fine, you got us), the Denver International Airport turned a former storage room into something quite a bit different: a room full of goats, yoga mats, and a yoga instructor. “We wanted to surprise and delight our passengers, but also show the world that going to the airport can be unexpected, relaxing and fun,” writes Heath Montgomery, of the Denver airport’s communications team, in an email.

With due respect to the very polite and helpful Montgomery, airports, in general, are not unexpected, relaxing, or fun. Goat yoga, though, is all three of those things. The fitness trend began in Oregon last year, created by Lainey Morse, and soon swept through the rest of the continent. It is exactly what it sounds like: you do yoga while a bunch of goats wander around. Goats are funny weird animals, and the idea has proven much more popular than even Morse had imagined.

The Denver Airport secured a dozen goats from Just Kidding Acres, a goat farm a bit north of Denver, towards the Wyoming state line. Just Kidding—a very good name—does goat yoga classes in partnership with Rocky Mountain Goat Yoga, which handles the actual instruction. They also brought in one of Rocky Mountain Goat Yoga’s instructors.

The event was held for only one day, but judging by the fast spread of goat yoga—and the success of this PR play—it wouldn’t shock us to see goat yoga rooms pop up in other unexpected places.

Denver International Airport Made a One-Day Goat Yoga Room