7 New Books We’re Reading This Summer

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Monica Buck

From vinegar to vegetables, our picks zoom in on singular subjects. Plus, one sensational memoir!

Give a Girl a Knife

Amy Thielen writes about the frenetic years she spent as one of a few female line cooks in the Manhattan kitchens of Daniel Boulud and Jean-Georges Vongerichten. But the real drama comes in chapters devoted to her return home to Minnesota, where she moved into an off-the-grid cabin 25 miles from the nearest supermarket. ($26; Clarkson Potter)

Acid Trip

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For this comprehensive (and borderline obsessive) treatise on vinegar, Brooklyn-based photographer and writer Michael Harlan Turkell visited Austria, Italy, France, and Japan to report on the pantry staple—and gathered 119 recipes from the likes of Eric Ripert and April Bloomfield. ($30; Abrams)

Mastering Stocks and Broths

There are no shortcuts to superior soup, according to Rachael S. Mamane, founder of the artisanal stock company Brooklyn Bouillon. Here, she divulges her techniques, which incorporate leftover produce plus animal fat and bones. ($35; Chelsea Green)

Vegetables on Fire

Skip the steak. Brooke Lewy’s grilling guide turns up the heat on 50 veggie-centric menus, starring such dishes as Charred Beet Hummus and Grilled Fennel with Herbed Ricotta. ($20; Chronicle)

Holistic Goat Care

Gianaclis Caldwell of Oregon’s Pholia Farm Creamery and Dairy offers advice on how to grow your own goat feed, diagnose and treat health problems, and harness the ruminants’ natural instincts to your advantage. ($40; Chelsea Green)

Peppers of the Americas

This pepper primer by culinary historian Maricel E. Presilla details nearly 200 members of the capsicum genus, from common cayenne to the rare Mexican chile huacle, and serves up 40 exciting ways to prepare them. ($35; Lorena Jones Books)

Recipes from the Herbalist’s Kitchen

Channel the healing properties of dill, sage, mint, and other herbs with Brittany Wood Nickerson’s 100-plus DIY tinctures, teas, syrups, and, of course, healthy eats. ($25; Storey Publishing)

7 New Books We’re Reading This Summer