Best of the Best: Top Stories This Week - Modern Farmer

Best of the Best: Top Stories This Week

A weekly roundup of our best and most interesting stories

How an Agricultural Weed Came to Symbolize Memorial Day
Here’s how the common poppy, considered a weed by farmers, came to be linked with Memorial Day and other observances for fallen soldiers around the world.

How To Bring Back Butterflies: Make Vineyards Sustainable
A new study finds that reducing pesticide use in vineyards could help butterflies bounce back.

Meet the Modern Farmer: Military Veteran Edition
Meet some veterans who have switched from swords to plowshares.

Want A Job After College? Study Agriculture
It seems an agricultural degree is the way to go if you actually want to work after you graduate.

I Swear! Animal Rights Group Says Foul Language is Abuse
A debate on whether cursing at sheep can be considered abuse is brewing down under.

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