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MTMG: Kim Goodman

Kim Goodman knows that a garden is more than a place where food grows. The various plots of land she’s planted on throughout her life have brought her priceless memories, valuable lessons and lasting friendships. (more)

MTMG: Jennifer Eppolito

Jennifer Eppolito has always found joy in the garden. But this year when the Pennsylvania resident put seeds into the ground and watched them grow, she says it was one of the few activities that kept her grounded amid the chaotic events of the pandemic. (more)

MTMG: Risa Bear

The pandemic has inspired a back-to-the-land movement of restless urban dwellers looking to reclaim traditional nature-based skills and hobbies, like gardening. But Risa Bear has been living off pastures far before COVID-19 changed our world. (more)

MTMG: Gail Sawyer

There are feelings of happiness and nostalgia that overwhelm Gail Sawyer when she thinks about the gardening resurgence that has emerged over the past eight months. (more)


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