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Who’s To Take Over the Family Farm?

Stories of farmland succession from the Modern Farmer community.

Clockwise from top left: Michelle Sirles, Todd Olander, Stefani Evers, Abbie Corse.

Back in March, we posed a question to Modern Farmer readers: Who will take over the family farm?

Not all of our readers are farmers, of course. Some are homesteaders or gardeners. Others are researchers, educators, and people interested in sustainable food systems. Many are just curious about what goes into getting food onto our plates.

Within our reader community, there are a multitude of ideas, stories, and experiences. We’re looking to highlight those perspectives, starting with four farmers who responded to our family farm question.

From planning for the emotional challenges of farmland succession, to establishing a conservation easement, to the divergent stories of two different dairy daughters, check out their stories here.

What topics would you like to hear about from the Modern Farmer community? Let us know your ideas for future topics, or commentary you’d like to share with readers, using this form.

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9 months ago

The article encourages readers to share their ideas for future topics and commentary with the Modern Farmer community using a provided form.

It’s fantastic to see Modern Farmer engaging with its diverse community and exploring such an important topic as farmland succession.

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