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7 Bingeworthy Food and Farming Podcasts

From stories about the origins of your favorite crops to farming advice you can use, here are some podcasts to listen to.

Queue up these podcasts!
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It’s a cliché for a reason: It can feel like everyone has a podcast these days. But instead of overwhelming choices, think of it as a bounty of boredom busters. Never again will you have to go through your chores and work day without something great in your ears to keep you company. 

We at Modern Farmer love podcasts, and we’ve compiled a list of our favorites for whatever you’re in the mood. From actionable advice to interesting ingredient histories, there’s something for everyone on our list. 

Climate Cuisine

From Whetstone Magazine, this podcast looks at how sustainable crops are used differently around the world. Although the climate zones may be similar, the crops are cultivated and prepared for vastly different purposes. Join host Clarissa Wei as she skips across the globe, exploring staples such as bananas, bamboo, spinach and cactus.

As its name suggests, the show also takes a climate-centric look at how crops and their native homes are adapting to changing temperatures. These conversations are increasingly important, as our warming climate affects what can be grown and where. 

Farm Small, Farm Smart 

Talk about bite-sized! Each episode of this daily podcast is only about four minutes long, with host Diego Footer talking to a different expert each time about one specific issue that farmers face. Farmers have talked about how they’ve found their niche in the field, how to deal with weeds, and—crucially—how to make money in farming. This show is especially great for beginning farmers who want a quick walkthrough of common issues they’ll face. 

Farm Traveler

A farm-to-fork podcast, this show is all about tracking food from the field to the consumer. Host Trevor Williams talks with farmers about how they cultivate, market and prepare their specific crops, taking a personal look at some of our favorite foods. Williams learns how U-Pick berry farms prepare their crop, how TikTok helped a farmer find his audience in Texas and what regenerative dairy farming looks like. 

The Female Farmer Project

This podcast smashes through the farming glass ceiling (grass ceiling?) to discuss issues that women face within the agriculture space, from common problems such as cultivating soil health and marketing products to internal struggles such as making mental wellness a priority and balancing family obligations with work. Host Audra Mulkern speaks with guests from across the country, diving into their farms, their work and the issues they face as women farmers. 


If you like your podcasts with a side of research, Gastropod is for you. Hosts Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley look at food through the lens of history and science. They don’t just offer modern takes on a topic, they do the work of delving into history. Recent episodes have included deep dives into the history of coffee, tofu, dates, palm oil and even bubblegum. 

The show aims to understand world history, using food as an entry point. The hosts interview experts, hopping from ancient history to modern day and back again. You will definitely learn something you didn’t already know while listening to this podcast.

We Drink & We Farm Things

Sometimes, you just need a laugh. Well, pour yourself your drink of choice and take a seat. From Bev Ross and Sam Bolton, this comedy podcast celebrates all things farming—especially when something goes wrong (like when animals escape).  

You’ll pick up some tips and techniques from the hosts as they share relatable stories of farm life. But a warning: Some of the language isn’t always suitable for youngsters, so pay attention to which episodes have that explicit label. 

Young Farmers Podcast

The kids are alright, especially the ones who contribute and listen to this informative podcast. Host Lindsay Lusher Shute walks through thorny topics with ease, navigating the policies and politics of agriculture. From food safety to land ownership, Shute speaks with policy makers about big topics, tying each back to the field. 

Past guests have included US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, farming activist Karen Washington and Eric Holt-Giménez, director of Food First.

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7 months ago

I am so glad I stumbled on this site. My parents were “old Europeans” who grew up foraging, raising animals, and large gardens to feed their family. After the war, they were thrilled to become American citizens and adopt a new way. They marveled at the grocery stores(the great selection of foods) and purchased almost all our food there. They also added new unhealthy” foods that were now convenient and cheap to purchase. We did go to the Farmers Market regularly to buy bulk foods like honey and apples. My father and I wrapped the apples up in newspaper and… Read more »

7 months ago

Trevor from Farm Traveler here, thanks so much for the mention above! Some great podcasts are listed that do an AMAZING job talking about food, agriculture, and much more!

7 months ago

I would love for you guys to check out my show Grounded by the Farm. I talk with farmers about the foods they grow. Sometimes I get a chance to shoot some video to go with it and all that goes on the website. A recent episode on horse radish will give you a flavor of the show https://groundedbythefarm.com/growing-horseradish/
Figured you may want an eighth show for the list in a few months!