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10 Amazing and Adorable Farm Dogs to Follow on Instagram

Border collies, Australian shepherds, and even a chihuahua can be found enjoying and helping on the farm.

Jersey, an Australian shepherd, guards some hay.
Photography via AussieFarmDog

In the case of babies, it can reserve the Instagram handle for later; it can sequester fawning pictures so as not to litter the feeds of followers with dozens of near-identical shots; but most importantly for us, it allows us to get really specific with what kind of cute animals we’d like to follow. We set out to find ten of the best Instagram accounts for working farm dogs – how hard they work did not factor into our decision – because a happy romping dog is the best kind of dog. Here are some of our favorites.


Django is a border collie mix who suffers from Addison’s disease, an adrenal disorder, but seems perfectly happy to run around his farm with other dogs, cats, sheep, and chickens. He’s also popular enough to shill products, impressive for a dog.


Just hangin with mom while dad picks out a new toy.

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Jersey is an Australian Shepherd, but you won’t find him at a kangaroo ranch. Instead, he lives and works in southern Missouri. (Australian Shepherds, despite their name, were first bred in the U.S.)


Border Collie Nelson is only two years old – we strongly recommend scrolling back in his feed to find puppy pictures – but he already shows a strong appreciation for good hard farm work.

Jersey, Kiwi, and Nori

🐶💬”My neighbors don’t get out much” -Kiwi 🙈😂🤣🤣 🐶🐔🐔🐔#clueless #chickens #rooster #watchingtv #uhno #notquite #schnauzer #schnauzerlife #schnauzerlove #comicbubbles #farmlife #waitingfor #gopher #comeoutcomeout #youhoo #curiousity #farmdoggies ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 🎉🚌💨🎉🚌💨🎉🚌💨🎉🚌💨 Beep Beep Party Bus @zeus.ziva.otto @leeleigh48 @katrina2428 @george.the.ferret @denbo_nish @mrmurphy_basenji @digsby_n_cinderella_the_chows @sassy_frog830 @bowltique @bearandparis @dezthepitmix @linda_greta_jet_gsds @riccopaparazzi @shelties_rock @milkythewestie @miaamor247 @littlebeargram @luly_yorkie @skyla_the_shepherd @b.b_mcd @maximus.thegsd @bomi_and_bear @otis2013 @cookiezuki101 @princess_indognito @rufflesandbeanie @jaggerthegreat1

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These three dogs seem to have boundless energy on their farm – almost as much as their owner, who likes to add little dialogue bubble memes to the photos.


Tomato jungle, the perfect place for shady nap spots. #farmlife #carharttambassador

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Roux is, incredibly enough, a Carhartt-sponsored farm dog, a big change from an earlier life that found the pup abandoned in a box.


yay passionfruit season is here! i mostly use them as balls for chasing and throwing but i hear they taste good too 😂

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Sawyer, a farm dog in tropical Florida, has a different set of crops to monitor. You’re just as likely to find Sawyer near a bushel of passionfruit or a mound of mangoes as, say, in a corn field.

Callie and Mick

Get moving you stubborn lambs

A post shared by Starring (@farmpupz) on

Australia, with millions of cattle and sheep, has a long history of working farm dogs for herding. They’re also foster dogs from a great organization in New South Wales, Australia, called Herd 2 Homes, which places unwanted working dogs in beneficial environments.


Walter’s owner seems to like to highlight the mischief and bad behavior the Parsons terrier gets up to on a farm in Oxfordshire, England. To be fair, Walter really seems to like chasing anything that moves.


We don’t see too many chihuahua farm dogs; they were bred for companionship rather than as working dogs. But nobody told that to Lola, who lives at Sunflower Farm in Maine.


Alfie is a Jack Russell terrier who lives on a farm in Nottinghamshire, England. Jack Russells aren’t the most common farm dogs, instead bred for hunting, but Alfie seems to love nothing more than to run around his beautiful farm.


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