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Latin America’s Biggest Legal Marijuana Farm Is Open For Business

It's medical only. For the moment.

Courtesy Daya Foundation

Wherever legalization goes, money and development follow, and so last week we saw the official opening of Latin America’s largest medical marijuana farm, a totally legal operation a few hours south of Santiago that hopes to harvest about 1.65 tons of marijuana this spring.

The project comes from the Daya Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the use of cannabis for strictly medical uses. (The members, a significant number of whom come from the entertainment industry in Chile, also provide supplemental alternative therapy, like acupuncture and reiki, a Japanese touch therapy.) Their harvest will be turned into an oil before heading to Chilean pharmacies, and Reuters reports that the initial harvest will provide enough treatment for 4,000 patients.

Recreational marijuana use is legal in nearby Uruguay, but in Chile, the government insists there are no plans to legalize the substance beyond medical uses. Still, the legalization of cannabis as a prescription medicine in the country has left an opening for someone to actually provide it – and Daya should have a comfortable foothold in the industry.

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